Bambino Bellissimo Review (Updated Fall 2016)


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The Bambino Bellissimo is the previous flagship product from Bambino prior to the release of the Magnifico. Originally released in 2011 as a thicker, higher capacity product with a different print than Bambino's other diapers, it also previously differed slightly in fit from Bambino's other products. By the previous revision, it appeared to be roughly the same in dimensions save for being noticeably thicker; with the fall 2016 revision, it's no longer noticeably thicker either.

In parallel to the release of the Bambino Magnifico in fall 2016, a number of ABDLs reported that changes reducing thickness and capacity had been made to both the Bambino Classico/Teddy/Bianco line and the Bambino Bellissimo line.

I am reviewing the medium size Bambino Bellissimo as shipped in November 2016. The medium size is listed as fitting waists of 32"-40", the large size is listed as fitting 38"-50", and the extra-large size is listed as fitting 47"-57". These stated size ranges are slightly smaller than the stated ranges when I previously reviewed this diaper two years ago.

Appearance, Size, and Features

Bambino products are sold in white semi-translucent packaging with a label on the side. The prints are visible through the white plastic packaging.



The Bambino Bellissimo has a printed front landing zone printed with a repeating pattern of cute images on a blue background, and is otherwise solid white. The pattern is easily the most colorful of those on Bambino products, and the only which gives a solid print across the landing zone instead of just a repeating pattern.



Front and Back of Folded Diaper, Respectively

To test their dry thickness, I stacked three diapers on top of each other and placed a heavy book on top of them, and measured their height. Together, the 3 diapers had a height of approximately 9.6 cm (3.8 in). Thus, the dry thickness of a single folded diaper is 3.2 cm (1.2 in).

This is markedly thinner than the previous version, a change of half a centimeter. This diaper went from being obviously (20%) thicker than other Bambino products to being only marginally thicker than the Classico/Teddy/Bianco, to the point where it's not obvious to the naked eye that they are different.

I measured the dry mass of 3 diapers using a kitchen scale, and measured them at 601 g (1.32 lb), for a mass of 200 g (0.44 lb) per diaper. This is the most obvious difference that I could find between these versions of the Bellissimo and Classico – the Bellissimo has roughly 20% more mass, which is enough for the difference in weight to be readily apparent when holding the two diapers.


3 Diapers Stacked

I stacked 3 diapers each of the Bambino Magnifico, Bellissimo, and Classico next to each other to visualize relative thickness amongst the three products. The Magnifico is notably thicker than the Bellissimo and Classico. The Bellissimo and Classico appear roughly the same in thickness to the naked eye.


Thickness Comparison Between Bambino Magnifico, Bellissimo, and Classico

The Bambino Bellissimo uses the conventional double tape design seen on most adult diapers. The tapes have a blue tip without adhesive to pull on. Bambino advertises their tapes as being refastenable; in the past, I haven't had good luck getting them to refasten, though they did seem to stick quite well during my tests of this version. The tapes measure 4.0 cm (1.5 in).


The Tapes

The plastic backing is the same as on the Bambino Classico/Teddy/Bianco. The backing seems thick and rigid. It feels very smooth with an oily-like texture. It crinkles a bit, but is not notably crinkly.

The inside of the diaper is all white, and the padding is arranged in an hourglass shape that is wider in the back than the front. The padding is soft to the touch but is very noticeably harder and denser than that of the Bambino Classico. The diaper has standing leak guards and an elastic waistband in the front and back.



Front and Back of Unfolded Diaper

With the diaper outstretched, it measures 74.5 cm (29.3 in) in length, 64.5 cm (25.4 in) in width at the wings, 31.5 cm (12.4 in) in width at the center, and 22.5 cm (8.9 in) in width between the leak guards. This is a longer diaper by about 5 cm (2 in) than my previous measurements, but is otherwise similar.




Performance and Fit

To test the capacity of this diaper quantitatively, I ran a test to simulate use. I put a diaper on and then repeatedly poured water into the front of it in 100 mL increments and sitting down in a chair for 30 seconds each time to give the diaper a chance to absorb the liquid, pace the process, and see if it would leak when sitting. After 700 mL of water, I noticed wetness around the leg cuffs. At 800 mL, it took effort to close my legs. At 1000 mL, the front felt constantly wet and very swollen. At 1400 mL, I felt like I was sitting in a puddle. At 1600 mL, I felt like I was sitting in a pond. At 1700 mL of water, the diaper began to leak on my chair, and I ended the test.

Compared to the Classico/Teddy/Bianco, the Bellissimo is still clearly a higher-capacity diaper, but alongside its reduction in thickness, this version holds less in my testing than the previous version. There was a clear difference in how much it swelled throughout the test, in line with the higher dry mass and denser padding.

After the test, I measured it and it had expanded to roughly 9.1 cm (3.6 in), about 2.8x its original size. This is close, maybe slightly less than the previous version.


Dry Diaper Next to Full Diaper After Quantitative Test

To gather qualitative data for this review, I put on a fresh diaper and wore it while going about ordinary activities. The diaper lasted a total of 3.5 hours, during which time I had several large wettings and some minor wettings, but did not flood it.

I have a 36" waist which puts me squarely within the size range for the medium, and there is no question that this is the right size for me. Whereas I've noted in past reviews that Bambino diapers have always fit a bit shorter on me than other brands, these versions measured 5 cm longer and they seemed to fit more in line with other brands.

The tapes stuck well. I've had difficulties with Bambino tapes over the years, but have not had any issues with them on the current versions of the Classico/Teddy/Bianco and Bellissimo.

Price and Final Thoughts

I purchased these diapers from They are available at 98.28 USD for a case of 48, $44.29 for 16, or $9.45 for a sample pack of 2, including shipping to the US. At the case size, this comes to $2.04/diaper.

This price is about 50 cents higher per diaper than the lower-tier Bambino products, and it's more expensive than typical high-end, "premium" adult diapers, though not wildly above such options. In the past few years, however, there's been a parade of high-end offerings from other suppliers that all matched or significantly exceeded the older version of the Bambino Bellissimo; meanwhile, this version actually cut capacity in my testing.

The Bellissimo is still a "premium" diaper, but it's now fallen far into the pack among diapers at its price point. In this revision, it lost the extra thickness that it offered as a selling point; it may be a better analog to what the Classico/Teddy/Bianco used to be in the past than previous versions of the Bellissimo. It still has its unique, colorful, solid printed panel against white, which is still fairly unique when most comparable diapers have all-over prints, but there isn't really anything else left to differentiate it.

If you liked the Bellissimo print and the extra bulk wasn't a key selling point for you, then this is mostly the same diaper as before. For everyone else, this is a modestly lower-capacity diaper at a modestly higher price than previous iterations, and you should move its rank accordingly among ABDL printed diapers.
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How tight do you stick the tapes? The way your review says is that the tapes are bad. I haven't bought Bambinos since the "Oops Upside-Down" print. Has the quality been degraded with the tapes? Are you putting it on too tight? I haven't had repetitive tape issues.
MeTaLMaNN1983 said:
How tight do you stick the tapes? The way your review says is that the tapes are bad. I haven't bought Bambinos since the "Oops Upside-Down" print. Has the quality been degraded with the tapes? Are you putting it on too tight? I haven't had repetitive tape issues.

I think the tapes have improved since the previous run of Bambinos because I used to have lots of problems with tapes that slid over time, and I don't really in this batch. The problem is that the diaper swells so much that the tapes aren't really up to the task by the end of it - the area underneath is so stretched out that they just stopped sticking very well.

I would say that I wear diapers snug, but not overly tight.
I have been interested in these diapers and went to their website to place an order but I kept running into a wall during the order information process. Everything was going fine until I got to the "submit Order" part where it kept saying :Invallid E-mail address. I know for a fact that it is NOT an invallid E-mail address because it is the only one I have and I have used it countless times to order things on line and never experienced a problem. I checked all of the information several times for accuracy during the filling in the information process and made sure that it was correct, but always got the same error message. Very frustrating! I really would like to order some of these diapers but am unsure on just how to get past the error message. Oh well, I will try it one more time i guess.
I have problems with the tapes popping off my old roommate did as well, could it be from doing them too tightly?
Haven't had any tape failure issues aside from one, which was my own fault for having eaten cold pizza just before.
Thanks for the great review Fruitkitty. Your waist is the same size as mine, but I find I usually have trouble fitting into a medium (can barely squeeze into an Abena m4, the bottom tapes juuust reach the wings around my legs). Do you mind if I ask what your hip measurement is? Ive got a 36" waist and 42" hip (badonk) and would love to try out some Bellissimos, but my supplier only has mediums right now. The few brands Ive bought in large are troubling as well, when I can usually overlap the top tape around my waist...
Rats, just read your review of the M4 and compared measurements. Only 3/4" wider in the wings and shorter in length ultimately means I probably will have similar fitting issue with these mediums as well. At least I didn't have to burn money on a pack to figure that out. Thanks again!
I've been wearing these since nearly when they first came out. The only difference between then and now are those mentioned and the fact that (in my opinion) they have started making them slightly thicker which I personally do not mind. Great diaper overall and will continue to do business as such with these guys :D.
I've noticed some errors in your thickness measurements. You said a stack of 3 diapers is 11.2 cm, and that a single diaper is 4.4 cm. 11.2 divided by 3 isn't 4.4, it's about 3.75. So, either your measurement for the stack of diapers is incorrect or your division was incorrect. I don't mean to be nitpicky, but .7 cm is a pretty big difference for the thickness of a diaper.
luvtowearpampers said:
I've noticed some errors in your thickness measurements. You said a stack of 3 diapers is 11.2 cm, and that a single diaper is 4.4 cm. 11.2 divided by 3 isn't 4.4, it's about 3.75. So, either your measurement for the stack of diapers is incorrect or your division was incorrect. I don't mean to be nitpicky, but .7 cm is a pretty big difference for the thickness of a diaper.

I tend to wear for awhile. Bellishimo diapers are my favorite, so I'll end up making a belt of scotch tape around my hips several times. It works quite well! Errrr till its time to change an hafta cut yourself free with scissors.
As Bambino suggests, get a sample pack prior to making a major purchase. I have a 30" waist lying down and I prefer the large over the medium for fit, and the large should also be higher capacity.
Of all the diapers I have purchased and put to use, the Bellissimos have been the best fitting and most comfortable product I've tried. They have always been true to form, and quality has always been consistent. I can order the Bellissimos knowing that I will get something that just plain works, which means I am not spending my hard-earned money in vain. I have yet to see how the DC Amor's will compare to the tried and true Bellissimos.
I still have Bellissimo diapers from 12/2014 that I am using and just opened my first pack of Bellissimos from 5/2015. I never had any issues with the smaller tapes on the older 2014 model and liked the fact that they were shorter in length than other similar brands (Abu, DC, Rearz, etc..). The shorter length front to back was awesome because my pants waist band covered the top of the diaper (front and back) making them quieter in public. This is a huge deal for me because I was wearing them to work and want something that will last 8 hours no problem! The 2015's I opened are an extra 1.5" in length, just exstended the front wing by my measurments and now stick out over my waist band and make the infamous crinkle sound for others to hear. The 2015's have bigger tapes which is nice but they placed them lower on the back wing for some reason. I still love Bambino diapers but to say the least I am disappointed with the extra length in the front plastic.
Thick as Rearz inspire + incontrol though?

I tried Bambino Bellismo once as a sample years ago and was prett thick, but can't remember how thick...
I am bumping this thread to reflect the fact that I've re-reviewed the diaper in light of the changes that occurred when the Magnifico was released in Nov. 2016. The text of the first post has been replaced with the updated review.
Do you still have the old specs stored somewhere so we can have a comparison? Particularly total absorbancy?