Airplane and Diapers (Medical Questions)

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Hello fellow adisc people! :)

I know I have seen the posts over time about the TSA checkpoints and wearing diapers and that a person will have to go through image scanners, pat downs etc before boarding your flight. However, What I have been unable to find information on is whether or not Adult diapers is considered medical luggage. Generally medical luggage is not charged a baggage fee. Just in case I didn't mention these diapers are for medical needs! I am flying Spirit Airlines on the way to my cruise next month.

Anyone had any experience on this? I planned on asking the airlines but thought I would get previous experiences from you guys :)
Great question and one I have not previously looked into. I too travel regularly, typically with one suitcase full of nothing but diapers for my urge incon. You need to check the "contract of carriage" for that airline. I found the Spirit contract at this address.

Under regarding dialysis machines it states, "may be transported at no charge when carried by itself or with other assistive devices, medications and/or medical supplies. These devices do not count towards the customer’s baggage allowance and may be carried on-board or transported as checked baggage."

My guess is you'll need a doctors note for the diapers and talk to an booking attendant before flying. I would simply call them and explain the situation. Damn all this time I was paying to fly my diapers around the country. Another option (which I have done) is to ship the diapers to your destination.
Well I finally got a hold of the Spirit Airlines rep and after having to explain that it's a diaper bag for an adult and not a child (kept saying to provide proof of age for infant) I was advised that as long as it has ONLY medical items and is declared medical at check in I can carry it on the plane for free provided it fits in the airplanes bin dimensions.

Whats funny is having to provide proof of age for an infant who obviously is an infant that needs diapers. What if its a toddler? Wheres the age cut off? lol I was wondering but didn't ask...

Thanks for the reply Soaking boy it helped direct my questions to the airline representative.

Thanks Spaz. I asked the lady on the phone if I would need any documentation for the diapers or for the TSA checkpoint and I was told no. I asked for her agent number and name for reference so hopefully shes correct. I thought about shipping them to the hotel but there is so much logistics in this trip already the last thing I need is for something to happen to my package. At least I will be able to save money and have peace of mind! Also did you travel wearing a diaper? Did they give you any trouble?

Reminder that airlines still need age confirmations because parents have lied in the past about children's ages because babies fly for free as long as they are assisted on a parent's lap was all.

Most carriers consider medical luggage to consist of durable medical equipment and not diapers.

Spirit makes the bulk of their money off of ancillary fees. They are much less understanding than other airlines in this area. Best of luck.
Well I hope what they told me on the phone is correct. I might just call one more time and find out just to be sure I get matching answers. I would hate to have to check it at the airport as it would cost me even more there...
I wear 24/7 and never had a problem with air travel.
I flew a few weeks ago and went through TSA twice wearing a diaper and had 2 spares in my carry on both times. Never even said a word about it and no extra screening.
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