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  • I bought a storage shed and a new zero turn cub cadet lawn mower (Sure as hell not going to go another year push mowing my yard! lol) I also went on a spree and bought a stainless steel fridge and a top of the line dishwasher (so hate doing dishes!) I also got a water softener system for the house! OMG soft water!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it.

    I can't wait for the cruise its going to be SUPER fun :)
    No worries. I think it'd only send you an email if you get a pm, or at least that's what it does for me. Not sure if you can adjust the settings to get emails about visitor messages or not.

    I knew you were pretty busy. I think the last time we talked, you'd just gotten the house. Ohh cool! What kind of changes / renovations are you making? Cruise!?! Have fun! I've never been on a cruise before, but they sound like fun.
    Hey, haven't heard from you in awhile. Just checking in to see how you've been. Things going good? How's life treating you? Busy?
    Hey, haven't seen you online in awhile. How's life treating you? You doing OK?
    Just checking in to see how life is treating you. Things are going good here. Just busy with work stuff and farm stuff. I'm really hoping that it'll cool off here soon. It's so freaking hot. I'm also hoping for some rain. Western Oklahoma is getting pretty dry. I've been pretty jealous of all the rain that been around the metro area the last few months.
    pretty good. How about you?I've been really busy working as always but I have been playing a little bit of rift since it has went free to play. I really like gaming just don't have enough time how to play as much as I would like.
    Sorry been real busy lately. Been some crazy ass storms here lately. Been working tons lately since many people have been calling into work.
    Cool. That sounds like fun. Yeah, it has been pretty dry lately. And HOT! I try not to be outside unless I have too.
    I do :) I just got back from Liberty Fest! Man it was GREAT!!! I then shot off some more fireworks.... however its so darn dry out I was afraid everything would catch fire!
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