Adult Playground in St. Louis

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Idk if anyone's posted anything about this, but there is an adult playground in St. Louis called the city museum. It looks really cool and the prices are very much affordable (around $12 for general admission and they have other parts of the 'museum' which you can pay extra to get into). I saw it and immediately thought of you guys.

City Museum Website

Video of some of the events

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If anyone wants to, I would be totally down to start organizing a meet-up/munch next year maybe around Summertime for anyone in the area (or anyone wanting to visit). That would give us plenty of time to start saving for the trip. I'm coming from CA so I definitely need some time to organize myself lol.
The City Museum is really cool. I've been there more than once.
It looks really cool.
I LOVE the City Museum. I went there when visiting St. Louis back in 2010 and it is just a really fun place. I know if I ever go back to St. Louis, I am without a doubt, returning to the City Museum. :biggrin:
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So cool. I wanna play there.
i would love to play there too
Shame I'm at least 1880km away from there, it won't happen anytime soon but I would dream to go there, I don't have the money for plane travel and hotel rooms that would be too expensive for me, but its one of my dreams, I always wondered why there's no adult playground structures anywhere.
I live in St. Louis and it's pretty great. Haven't been there in a long time though.
Its a great place im fromstl
Just looked this up on wikipedia. I wanna go so bad!
This I gotta see.
I myself also live near st.louis, about 40 minutes away. I haven't been to the city museum since I was a little kid, and now that I'm a big little kid lol I would love to go back soon!
*Running back and forth through house, barking and giggling* Oh my glob! I know what I'm doing in a week during my trip to St. Louis! I'll be attending the International Puppy Contest on the 16th to the 19th and I'll have some time to kill between events. I have to go to this place! AAAH! RARF! I freakin' love things like this... murr *calming down, nap time*
I live in St. Louis and I have yet to go to this. I have had friends that have gone though and say it is really fun.
I'm just curious here, since this place accept kids also, would they really accept some guys that arrive alone to play in this playground or they may think some are potential child predators and molestors.
Since they are open til midnight on Friday and Saturday planning an event from 9pm until midnight might be an ideal time. From what I hear from my friends that have gone there are not many (if any) children there later in the evening.
Cool, someday I'll have to look into this.
It looks really cool I want to go play there.
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