1. August08

    Guilt and shame

    Someone recently said some nasty things to me in regards to abdl, and I’m going through some guilt/shame about it. I know I’ll bounce back but I could use some words of encouragement
  2. R

    Struggling with self esteem.

    Okay, so I am having struggle with my self-esteem. I've been a DL for quite some time. (Around 5 years.) And ever since I bought my first pack, I knew that it was something that I liked. Wearing diapers, for me, is distressing and helps me relax a bit more. But recently I've been beating myself...
  3. TabulaRasa2017

    ABDL Acceptance - A Language of Love

    Hello my little friends, I wanted to write down some thoughts I’ve had lately on my coming to accept being ABDL. Part of this is admittedly selfish – I need to write this to you for myself to feel validated. But I hope in some small way this may help those who are going through what I’ve been...
  4. TabulaRasa2017

    You are okay: ABDL, sex, shame, and acceptance

    Hello everyone, I feel I need to preface this post in a few ways. First, I’m going to talk about sexual feelings, but I will keep it PG-13 and this is not intended to be anything other than exploring the connection between shame, ABDL, and personal acceptance. However, fair warning, this...
  5. TabulaRasa2017

    There are therapists who understand adult babies/littles

    I'm posting this in the hopes that it might be helpful to others struggling with this part of who they are. Briefly, shame is probably one of the most universal feelings associated with recognizing that you are an adult baby/little. I know it has been for me for a very long time and until the...
  6. S

    Greetings everyone! =)

    Hello, nice to meet you all :) First of all I want to excuse my poor grammar and spelling, English is unfortunately not my first language. So one month ago I didn't even know that an ABDL community existed, then my boyfriend told me all about it. I was shocked first, but tried to be...
  7. TyphaHare

    Goodnites thief

    Story time! TL;DR in the bottom x) I had just started this whole diaper thing. I had ordered a couple of test nappies to figure out which fit me the best, bought my first stash based on those etc.. So one day I took a closer look at my local grocery store diaper department and notice some...
  8. littlejoanne

    Hello, my name is 'ashamed'

    At first I want to apologize about my english since it is not my native language. I feel ashamed. When the little part inside me comes to light, all I can feel is a pure shame. Deep shame, helplessness and quandary. The simple but strong desire: "I wish you were not there." is haunting me...
  9. lilyshore

    Goodness I forgot to introduce myself!

    Please forgive my lapse in good manners, and allow me to introduce myself, albeit belatedly. As one of those rarest of creatures, a lesbian-oriented biologically female adult baby, I have always felt a crippling aloneness even within the AB community that I am only just beginning to explore...
  10. S


    Hi everyone. This is my first post and first time actually interacting with the community, so I'm not really sure how to start. I apologize in advance because this is going to be long. I'm having trouble accepting that I'm a DL. I have an extremely open mind and would never, ever judge someone...
  11. SuperArrow

    Having problems opening up to a therapist

    Hey guys, So, I've been having a lot of personal issues in regards to being AB/DL (yes, yes, I know, it isn't hurting anybody). It really affects my sense of self-worth, self-esteem, and belonging in a negative way. As a result, I've been trying to open up to my shrink about being AB/DL in...
  12. squashNstretch

    My start and the binge and purge

    This started out as an idea for an article, but in the end it's more of a forum post I think. It's all about how I started on my way to being an AB/DL, and the binge/ guilty purge cycles throughout my earlier years. How I started out I distinctly remember the very first day I started on my way...