plastic panties

  1. ESPF

    10 years ago

    About... ten... ish? years ago there was a company/web page out of Canada that sold all sorts of plastic panties (White/colors/prints) and vinyl underskirts. Are they still in business? Anyone got the URL?
  2. G

    Anyone ordered from B4ns lately?

    Anyone ordered from B4ns lately? I’ve seen rumors online from the last year or 2 that they may be out of business. Anyone have any info?
  3. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Japanese Style Diaper Covers (I want them)

    I've recently fallen in love with Japanese style diaper covers/plastic pants. the ones that function kind of like Abri Wing diapers where the back attaches like a belt around the waist and then the front just snaps to the belted sides. There's so many cute designs and I want them but don't know...
  4. kashi

    Plastic Pants

    I'm pretty sure this will be fruitless but it never hurts to ask. I am looking for plastic pants similar to the ones worn by the girl in the attached photo. I know it's anime so it's unlikely they exist but it would be awesome if someone could point me in the right direction.
  5. xtrabulk

    My Plastic Pants Stink!

    Hi All, Say, my Gary vinyl pants stink a bit. I always wash them after wearing with Castille soap, but they have a lingering odor of urine. Any fixes for this?
  6. xtrabulk

    high back PUL pant suggestions?

    Couldn't find a thread this specific... Does anyone have suggestions for a high back/waist PUL pant? I love my Gary PULs, but am having a hard time finding PUL panties in this style. Help!