1. D

    New member of the ageplay community

    Hello, my name is Devin, I’m 29, and I am into ageplay. I like both sexual and platonic sides of it, though I haven’t actually had a partner to experiment with. I am into ddlb and being an AB (sorry if I’m not using correct terminology, as I am still learning.)
  2. M

    Bouncing Baby Boy!

    Hey, I finally remembered this site and decided to introduce myself. I'm a 19 year old trans little boy from Ohio in the US. I'm polyamourous and [Removed By Eulogy (We're not a personals site)]. Please note that I did say "Another". Meaning I already have one, but we need another to complete...
  3. Musician147

    Change me. (Short poem)

    So I wrote a short poem. I'd love to hear what you guys think: Change me. Life is dark And damp am I Of stinging tears that will not dry My person moist of trickling sweat A bad dream, a nightmare, a trap my mind has set I cry and weep and throw a fit As if I scream into the void "I quit" A...