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What to expect inside a DDLB/DDLG Relationship as the Little?


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I am very new to this world of DL/DDLB; nonetheless, I am excited to get into it! I was looking for a relationship and would like some ideas of what to expect. Could ya'll share some of your experiences good or Bad; likewise, any tips on where to look for relationship within the DDLB/BBLG community's, aswell as red flags!

Thank you, sincerely LovesLittleBagels :)
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I have a daddy and I will tell you it requires selflessness and sacrifice. I just want to please my daddy and make him happy but I still make a lot of mistakes. It's probably easier for me than aggressive or dominant men because I am naturally submissive to all men, but at the same time you need to establish boundaries which I'm also bad at doing. It is a delicate balance you have to create. I know my place and my daddy is in charge and I belong to him and not the other way around. You need to be willing to have an open mind and an open heart and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. It's not all about sex. Although sex is important, it's not everything and you need to understand that it takes loyalty and commitment and obedience in order to have a successful DD/lb relationship. I am still learning myself and while it's not easy, it is totally worth it and when my daddy hugs me or kisses me or cuddles with me, it's like Heaven on Earth. I will admit that the sex is nice too of course but the most beautiful thing about this kind of relationship is the loyalty I have to my daddy and the love and care and protection he provides. I live in a warm and soft and cozy bubble that my daddy has created for me and it's wonderful and I feel loving and submissive to him and that just makes me want to be a good boy to him. He takes care of me and he deserves a good boy who will love him and cherish him and adore him. I do love my daddy with all my heart and I do adore him and I am grateful for everything he does for me. I hope this helps and gives you hope that this kind of relationship is possible but it will require dedication on your part to make it work and you will not regret it if it's successful. I have only been with my daddy for 3 months but it's amazing and I've never been this happy before. If it doesn't work, have faith in yourself and have faith in God that things will still work out and that relationships shouldn't be your main aim in life. If you do find a daddy and you do happen to fall in love but it doesn't work out, just remember that it is much better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. Good luck. :)


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Hello and welcome!