cloth backed

  1. slimjiminy

    Rubber pants with cloth-backed disposables?

    I've never worn rubber pants, that I know of. Even as a baby, my mother used plastic pants on us (not that I remember). At some point, I need to start wearing briefs more often when I go out away from home. I'm not that fond of plastic backed briefs for reasons of noise and tape noise during...
  2. realgood90

    Cloth Backing Allergy?

    I'm a big fan of Plastic backed diapers, but i've tried cloth-backed ones and found that they not only sag way worse than platic but also will provoke a rash where between the legs where the backing come sin contact with my skin, anyone else experiencing the same ?
  3. T

    Has anyone tried the Prevail Air briefs?

    Yeah, yeah, it's a medical diaper. Not super fun to look at, but I think I want to try them. They have the stretchy sides with two little rectangles of that velcro-ish tape on them. These diapers are also cloth-backed. Just checking in here in case anyone has tried them. They are pretty new...
  4. Nick24798

    Plastic or cotton feel?

    Am I the only one who prefers the feel of cloth backed nappies as opposed to plastic backed? I just don't like them that much, to me it feels like sitting in a carrier - bag from the supermarket.
  5. tomviper000

    Cloth Backed Advice...

    I would like to add a cloth backed disposable to my inventory to try on hotter days and comfort, etc. I probably going to try the Seni Quatro, but one thing I don't like about them is the tapes. It appears they are still a sticky tape rather than a Velcro like tape, which is one of the...
  6. tomviper000

    best cloth backed disposable

    So with all these companies going cloth backed, are there any that have solved the problem of typical cloth backed diapers (seeping through the material, and such)? Anybody try the new Tena Slip Maxi cloth backed? I am kind of interested in finding a cloth back diaper for hotter weather wear...
  7. L

    Diapers that don't leak and bed protection

    What are good diapers that will not leek out the back side cloth or plastic backed one. Looking for some that absorb fast and hold. Also what to do about protecting my bead from seels and messes.
  8. S

    I don't like the cloth-feeling diapers - yuckie

    I wish I could find diapers that are like the old Pampers or Luvs - even Huggies. I don't like the newer cloth feeling type. I love to hear the crinkle and have people kindof stare back at me in stores and the mall when I walk by. I am more of a classic baby (is there such a thing?)... I...
  9. crowza

    Favorite Cloth-backed diaper

    I am curious what is everyone's favorite cloth backed diaper? I know mine would have to be ABU Cloth Back Cushies or Attends Overnight Breathables
  10. N

    How come all the diapers are going non-woven?

    Just some years ago, most premium diapers was plastic backed. But somehow something changed, and many of the manufacturers has started to use non-woven materials instead of plastic. I know that there's an environmental reason for this, but I still don't get how and why they're starting with the...
  11. Ethanu

    Taking off the cloth cover.

    I've heard of people doing it, and I want to try it, but I'm not sure entirely how. I have a pack of the newest goodnites, and I cut a small hole in the cloth, attempting to pull it away, but it didn't work. :( Can any of you help me, or tell me if it's even possible with this confound new...
  12. DaveTDL

    Plastic Pants: Snap vs Pull On

    I recently got a pair of plastic pants to wear with my cloth backed Assurance diapers. They were the snap type rather than the pull up type, and much to my dismay I found that the snaps do not stay fastened, and they tended to leak from the gaps on the side. Do the pull on type work any better?
  13. pajamakitten

    What's so bad about cloth backed diapers?

    Seriously everyone seems to hate them and when they see companies switch from plastic to cloth they throw some massive fit as though they stopped making diapers all together. So what exactly am I missing here as I've only used cloth and felt like they are perfectly good.