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I would like to add a cloth backed disposable to my inventory to try on hotter days and comfort, etc. I probably going to try the Seni Quatro, but one thing I don't like about them is the tapes. It appears they are still a sticky tape rather than a Velcro like tape, which is one of the advantages I wanted to have in a cloth backed diaper. I would really like to find something that has a soft, not to abrasive Velcro like tape found on baby diapers now (they seem to hold well). That way it is easy to take on and off multiple times if I need to switch to plastic or whatever. And, of course, one that minimizes damp feel and disadvantages of cloth backed. Anyway, any suggestions are much appreciated.
No one can recommend a decent cloth backed diaper with good Velcro/refastenable type tapes?
Well, I'll drop my guard for a sec and admit that my favorite cloth-backed (adult) diaper is Cushies. I've sworn off ABU for the moment, but if they get their act together, I wouldn't hesitate to order the cloth-backed Cushies again. Most of the time, however, I just go with actual Pampers -- if I'm not in reusable cotton diapers, which are my favorite sort. Haven't tried the Premium-er cloth-backed diapers from Abena and whatnot. I have tried the Walgreens/CVS ones and wasn't too fond of them. The texture bothered me. I recently ordered a small bag of Kendall Simplicity Plus 3D, and I expect to receive it tomorrow. My main interest in these is that they have only a single tape on each side, which is a feature I'm very fond of. Other aspects of the diaper are (reportedly) quite low-end, so we'll see. It's an experiment.

So, while I like the cloth-backed disposables, I don't really have a firm recommendation for you. Sorry!
I've been pretty impressed with the Northshorecare house brand in both the plastic and cloth backed. I think the cloth one would match what you are looking for.
For performance, comfort, and price I love Fitright Super and/or Fitright Restore.
Tena Supers are a good product being cloth backed, I use them frequently, as that is the most stocked item in my closet, and easy to get, on sale often. :thumbsup:
tomviper000 said:
No one can recommend a decent cloth backed diaper with good Velcro/refastenable type tapes?
There are plenty of those, but there aren't many (any?) that meet your other criteria about not feeling damp. Tena stretch and the quatro are probably the least offenders in that regard.
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