1. M

    So I made this babyfur/ABDL/little Android game.

    I can't link it here, but if you go to the play store and search babyfur it should come up as "Babyfur Memory Game." The last app I had failed pretty bad and was a nightmare. Let me know what you think, please. If you get crashes, feel free to let me know but the only thing I get out of it is...
  2. tiny

    When computers make easy stuff almost impossible!

    Do you ever have one of those days where you spend hours trying to get your computer to do something that should be possible in a single click?! All I wanted to do was copy a single file from my Android phone to my PC. Simple, right? Ohhhh no it wasn't! What would you do? I thought I'd...
  3. B

    Help Request Mobile App

    How Can I Get Mobile App Mentioned For Android Tablets. I Can No Find On Play Store?
  4. kashi

    Need tech savey suggestions

    Tl;Dr: Want a new phone with good memory (30GB+), powerful enough to play Pokemon Go and fallout shelter (Plus longevity), Good battery life, doesn't matter if it's android or apple don't care. Please no flame wars ^_^ Okay so my parents have offered me the freedom to request a gift of some...
  5. Lutero

    Android won't update?

    Okay.. I recently bought the LG Optimus Q/Zip (whatever it actually is) from StraightTalk at Wal-Mart for my birthday. Everything seems to be going well, except that it does not show any updates in the system info. If I restart my phone, it acts as if an update failed and alerts that "Returning...
  6. ShippoFox

    Disappearing media on Android OS.... help? please?

    Why do my new playlists, pictures, and music files randomly disappear?! The songs and pictures do randomly reappear eventually, but the playlists die forever! It basically renders playlist functionality useless! I'm on version 2.3.4. I have a T-Mobile HTC G2 phone. It's not rooted. Anyone have...