Looking for phone recommendations to try out


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Hello, I'm looking for some recommendations on phones to try out.
I've tried so far, the note 20 ultra, a big ulefone, iphone 13 pro max. I had a moto G7 power, 2022 power, but they were a bit slow and not many updates.

I did like apple's software, the user interface, but my work makes me nervous owning a apple product since they are a competitor.

The note 20 ultra had a nice screen, it was really big.

The current phone I've got is the Ulefone power armor 13, the battery lasts 4-5 days or something like that. But there's no software updates.

I was curious to try a google pixel 7 pro, but they are a bit pricey. I heard they have call screening though on them.

Wondering what everyone's preferences are on android products, I would prolly shoot for another note 20 ultra, but the software updates stop this year and I can't flash lineageOS on them.

Thank you!
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I decided I'm gonna give the pixel 7 pro a shot, the tensor chip sounds fun, and I know it's well supported with LineageOS and will get updates for really long.
I figure, if I do endup keeping it for long enough I could probably still get updates on LineageOS for awhile.