So I made this babyfur/ABDL/little Android game.

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I can't link it here, but if you go to the play store and search babyfur it should come up as "Babyfur Memory Game."

The last app I had failed pretty bad and was a nightmare.

Let me know what you think, please. If you get crashes, feel free to let me know but the only thing I get out of it is a crash log on the play developer store. The app has no pay-for content and is free. I tried my best to remove the bugs that I could.

It's basically a card-flip matching game. It has 8 difficulties for three categories. "Foxes, Wolves and Cats."

Each category has 200 stickers it should alternate through.
If music annoys you, turn the music off before you load it. The music is 20 minutes of music box melodies.

I might make another version with dragons, bears etc. Or a third with remaining stickers/art of those three categories. Not sure, sorting through the sets of stickers takes forever.

It has an E and Family rating.
The Android app is 98MB. I might make an iOS version but money is tight, and I'm not very familiar at all with iOS programming.

The code is also open-source.

protip: if you drop your phone a lot get a VS501 because the screen is plastic.
Not open for further replies.