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    Although not technically a diaper, I thought as a Goodnites product this merited a review. Some people here might want to use these as a sort of backup when wearing diapers to bed, whether in case of leaks or just simply a desire to wet the bed. Completely new in the United States, this has been available in other countries for quite some time as DryNites Bed Mats and I believe a few other countries as well; I can't imagine what kept them out of the U.S. for so long. I have never used a bed mat before, but here is my best shot at a review of Goodnites Disposable Bed Mats.

    The package is perforated at the top for easy open, but not well marked.


    Goodnites Bed Mats are white on both sides with decoration/branding on the plastic side. The branding is nothing too spectacular and not important since that side will usually be laid face-down and not worn like a diaper. In the package, they are folded up in a 3x4 rectangular pattern, and are approximately 0.86 x 0.76 meters (2'10" x 2'6") when unfolded.

    On the plastic side, there are 4 peel-off adhesive squares, one in each corner (15 x 15 cm, 6" x 6"). They are quite sticky, and in my experience seem to hold the mat down fairly well. Plus, they can be removed and replaced multiple times without significantly affecting their stickiness if not properly aligned on the bed. I have not experimented with how many times this can be done.


    These strongly resemble the bibs given at a dentist, or some types of gowns worn in doctors' offices, in their texture. They are not super uncomfortable to keep you up, but don't expect the pleasant feel of putting on a fresh diaper. They are like a plastic-backed paper towel with a bunch of pores in it and a little smoother because of the Depend-esque inner-cloth-like lining.

    Being plastic, they are a bit noisy, but not quite as noisy as one might expect. The plastic is the exact same material as used in Depends Maximum Protection, layer-by-layer, at least at the edges. If layered under a sheet, I can't say how likely it is that a friend might hear it, but a plastic-backed diaper would probably be noisier. Laying down, their feel is noticeable but not all that disruptive. When wet, however, they quickly turn cold, and they do not absorb like a disposable diaper, so you will feel wet and anything touching them will get wet. I'd say the "absorbent" pad is a little more like what comes in a swim diaper than a regular diaper. I have noticed they tend to get uncomfortably sweaty by the end of the night, but that liquid does not spread quickly on them, so it would take some time before anything runs off them and onto the mattress.


    It somewhat depends on where and how you are laying down, but after pouring measured amounts of water on the mat I would expect it to hold between 250 and 400 mL (1 to 1.5 cups), but liquid does not seem to spread very quickly. The more you wet, the more there is to splash around, or to get absorbed by sheets/blankets. Taking this into consideration, I would expect the mat to protect your mattress from a good 500mL on a twin size bed. This is largely due to their size, and taking blankets into account they would likely be less effective in a larger bed. However, it is important to note that they do not lock moisture away, and you will still need to do some extra laundry if they are wet.

    I took one apart, and saw it had a very thin trace of polymer on the top layer, with a porous paper towel-like layer below that. It's hard to notice because of how poorly they lock away moisture, but when thoroughly soaked and not spread out you can feel a sort of thin gel-like solution texture as opposed to the feel of water.


    I bought this pack of 9 from CVS for $13, so they’re not very cost-efficient compared to other Goodnites products, or most diapers in general. However, CVS tends to mark things up significantly; CVS charges $13 a pack, Giant Eagle charges $10.50, and Target charges $9.50. Still, they’re more expensive on a per-unit level than traditional Goodnites. For the price I paid, they’re definitely not worth it. For less, it would be a matter of preference.


    In comparison to wearing diapers, these were a bit of a disappointment for me because of the lack of wicking. However, this was my first bed mat so my expectations may not have been in touch with reality. For a safeguard against a leaking diaper, I would expect these to do their job. On their own, if you like sleeping in a wet bed, don't mind washing your sheets/blankets which you will have to do, but don't want to ruin your mattress, these might also work. If you're just a plain diaper wearer, used to disposables and looking for a new kind of diaper product, you will probably be disappointed. Having never worn cloth diapers, I can't say for sure, but I suspect they're a similar sensation. Also, although they have a paper-towel-like texture, they aren't reusable and they do have a trace of polymer in them, so you should not try putting them in a washing machine.

    For a true incontinent/bedwetting person, these might actually be ideal. If you are self-conscious about diapers, and don't mind the associated laundry, you will probably like them. They get cold pretty quickly, so they might also wake you up when you wet, and unlike diapers they can be used with a bedwetting alarm. They might also be useful for someone who wears diapers when sleeping over at a friend's house if the friend already knows as an added layer of protection.
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