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    Thanks man, I like cute. I try to find cute things for this profile.
    Thanks not everybody pay atention on it. Well i never know which Schwalbe did the Willy Messerscmitt mean. But yes it is highly futuristic even compare to Allied Jet fighter (Gloster Meteor, Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star). Since they using Axial Jet engine rather then Centrifugal Engine and also the using swept wings.

    Oh yeah i already accept your friend request. Nice picture of Detective Conan
    Your avatar has Conan on it. "There is only one truth (and it's that your avatar is win)!"
    The main way to help is to respond helpfully to the introductions in the greetings forum :)

    SPDdan (I believe) has written a really good tutorial on how the best way to do this :)
    really kool avitar!
    i'm so impressed that you designed it!
    Can I (or someone) hire you to build avitars? LOL
    I am half serious here!!
    - Will
    No I never even been there. I was born in California but Mauiman was created out of wishful thinking
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