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    Not forgotten, need time to be serious to...
    Yeah, I've been making fairly decent grades, but this week will be my hardest, 4 essays within 1 week as well as finals coming up.
    Oh.. it's on FX, I just thought your name seemed like it would fit a character on the show named Taco.. Who's quite cryptic :)
    Very busy with University stuff. I'm transferring to Biomedical Science next year. Can't wait ^__^
    Thought of you when I saw this on furnet...well...You and Noodle XD

    Meanwhile in Mexico
    I'm not the silly one!

    *rolls away from Cryptic giggling*

    That was totally uncalled for! XD

    I think we talked about it but never actually did.
    im off here and there
    graduation in 2 weeks in all *shrugs* plus video games lol
    lol, mine was last Wed man
    Great time, also got to make my custom lightsaber!!!
    Good night good night *nods* but oh good XD i drank 4 monsters(remember this is my 2nd time with energy drinks) and i skyrocketed! lol
    It seems that everything is working out for you!

    I'm up to the usual scholarship, and college stuff. I'm up to $1250 in scholarships though. Last night I was at the award ceremony (each year awards are given by teachers, school board, and others) I got perfect attendance, A honor roll, Anatomy and Physiology academic award, and the Eureka Lodge award (given by the masons of texas for, to put it simply, being a model student).
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