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    Hey everybody, today my mom is going to buy some adult diapers from Fred's, & there's one thing I'm kinda curious about.

    For those who buy medical plain adult diapers from a store in person or from online (or both). Do you make your diapers custom made by coloring on them or something to make them look ABDL like or no?

    For anyone who wonders why I asked there's a post I saw where someone draws on his/her adult diapers that looks ABDL like, which is actually quite impressive. Which is something I think would be fun to do, but not sure if it'd be hard or not.

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    Oh yeah I think lots of peeps here use temporary tattoos. Yet to try it myself and you would have to be careful where you sit/lay but think with some taping panel stickers it would be great

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    stickers or colored duct tape works well also.

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    ABU's sticker store sells stickers that would work on any diaper

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    Some also buy plain diapers and use *duck* tape that has various prints on it.

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