diaper talk

  1. Coney

    Do your balls hurt when wet?

    Um. So first off nsfw topic warning!! Maybe it’s how I’m tightly taping my diapers, or maybe it’s cause I point my pecker down when taping up, but when I’m waking up wet the pressure against my balls specifically my left one is putting some small strain/pain on it. Is this normal and I’m just...
  2. lilshelly

    new diaper for me.

    I am not going to do a review on this diaper but I have decided to try the Unique wellness Superiro. The jury is still out on this one as I have not been able to test it at work but my first impression is I like the outer cover it is more a vinyl. I also like the fit of the diaper. It...
  3. lilshelly

    incontinence causes

    So over this past year due to mobility issues I had started wearing diapers more as a preventative measure. I have noticed with the way that I wear I am having a few issues. I wear mainly when I am out because I don't want to have to worry about making it to the bathroom in time to go. I will...
  4. LimeBloodedNoir

    Hi there!

    I just turned a legal adult today!!! What do I do first? The choices the choices.... Buy some cigars..? Move out and start my life..? Get a tattoo? SUE SOMEONE??? Hehe! No! I sign up here! My name is Chris! I am VERY new here, and would like to make some friends. I have a ring on my hand...
  5. M

    Diapers on Black Friday

    So just of curiosity is there any public stores or online stores where you can get great deals for adult diapers? Sorry if that was a stupid question.
  6. M

    New diapers from Rearz?

    So I made an account on Rearz back around May of 2017 in case if I want to buy some of their products in the future, & we all know Halloween is coming soon (& it'll be over by the time this post gets up). So let me get to the point. Rearz has been sending me emails about about a contest...
  7. M

    Cloth vs disposable

    So I have a question to those who wear cloth & disposable diapers. Whenever you sleep day or night, does a disposable diaper get sweaty & maybe a little humid? Or is that with cloth diapers? For anyone who wonders why I asked there's no A/C at my house & I'm trying to conserve my disposable...
  8. M

    Tapes coming apart

    Hey everyone, I have a question I'm curious about to those who wear double sided tape adult diapers. Whenever one or more tapes fall apart whenever your asleep or awake what do you do about it? Try to fix it? Or throw it away or what? For anyone who doesn't understand whenever I wear my...
  9. M

    Custom adult diapers

    Hey everybody, today my mom is going to buy some adult diapers from Fred's, & there's one thing I'm kinda curious about. For those who buy medical plain adult diapers from a store in person or from online (or both). Do you make your diapers custom made by coloring on them or something to make...
  10. T

    Glad to be aboard

    In public, I'm a big strong man, usually wearing high-vis yellow, camo print outerwear, and steel-toe boots. I'm that guy who's always wearing a baseball cap with a pencil behind the ear, a screwdriver or something in one pocket, and my Fastback II utility knife in the other. I smoke, drink, and...
  11. S

    I Finally Decided To Tell Someone.

    today was a day that I will never forget. One of my best friends told me that he was bisexual. Initially it was a shock but not because of his bisexuality, but because I didn't expect it from him. anyway I was as accepting and made sure he new that I didn't think of him any differently. I also...
  12. TheAbdlBoss

    what is your favorite diaper that you made at home

    share how you made your favorite or first homemade diaper or any other adult baby items
  13. T

    Diaper design idea

    Who thinks a mario printed diaper would sell? I would definatly buy them! I can't even find a mario printed diaper tape. Im a big fan of Mario so I really want Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess, Star and even koopa on my diapers. Thatd be the most boss Mariokarting diaper for me!