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Thread: Baby diapers as booster?

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    Default Baby diapers as booster?

    Is it worth using baby diapers as a booster. I like the tru fit as a booster, but have a hard time getting them.

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    If you can fit in them sure. I use GoodNites in a similar fashion.

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    I have decent diapers right now I just want a little more thickness out of it

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    I love using baby diapers as a booster, there work great, just make sure u you make small slits in the through the entire back sheet so they can drain.
    My only gripe is that thet backs kinda bunch up and give me a weggie sometimes.
    My solution is to wear them with clothlike adult disposables.
    If you insert the baby diaper in on then lay the diaper out and lay on top of it, position the diaper then bring you the stuffer to yourself, take the front of the adult diaper and bring that up, once it's on position take the tapes of the baby diaper and attach to the front wings of the adult diaper (has to be cloth like for the tapes to stick) then tape the adult diaper normal, the front of the adult diaper will keep pressure on the front of the stuffer, keeping it in place, the baby diaper taped to the front wings of th adult diaper will keep the back of the baby diaper stuffer from moving / bunching up.

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    I use them as boosters all the time ! Though I prefer to cut the big diaper open and put the baby diaper inside the bigger nappy!

    I make the cut along the landing zone or upper front, and seal it with good tape afterwards.

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    I also use them all the time, especially for overnight. I don't bother cutting them, but will tear off the tapes. I then cup the baby diaper over my penis, then diaper up normally. This works wonders in preventing side leaks, as I'm a side sleeper.

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    I am often surprised how much better a booster they are in comparison to more expensive actual boosters.

    They can be a pain to score through properly for the liquid to channel out while not wrecking the diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KryanAshford View Post
    What would everyone suggest is the best baby diaper for this purpose?
    I stick with the big name brands. Store or pharmacy diapers tend to be much less absorbent. I personally like pampers babydry, as they are scented.

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    I've done that and it works out real well. I cut all of the trim around the padding area out and put a few small slits on the bottom and it lasts much longer.

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