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    Hi all this is a fairly long post I'm living in the UK and going away for a few days in August with my g/f and I'm going to be wearing most the days and nights I decided I would email my hotel and inform them that I wear nappies/diapers,I can't say enough about how accomadating they were even said they would inform the housekeeping staff so I could have a rubbish sack in my room also so they could dispose of my products with minimal embarrassment to myself i will be leaving a handsome tip for this.

    It did get me thinking or dreaming about how great it would be to have hotels that would be completely aware of this,by this I don't mean an ab nursery (which I would love to go to) just a standard everyday hotel maybe to the point of have certain rooms with ab themes, changing facilities or just one of those medical disposal bins I know that housekeeping staff may have encountered incontinence products before and obviously baby nappies but I thought I'd be thoughtful and make them aware of me what's everyone thoughts on this ?

    Take care

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    for several years i stayed in hotels fairly often, but it usually was a 'night of' booking. The few times i did book ahead i asked for mattress protection, but only once got one; so i ended up traveling with a half dozen cheap Dollar Store (Dollar Store is a US chain where everything in the store is priced at $1) plastic sheets in my luggage.

    i do think it it would be great for hotels to have accommodations for diapered folk (extra trash bin, plastic/rubber sheets on bed, maybe even the inclusion of a travel size baby powder and diaper rash cream in the bathroom)

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    I'd be happy with just a larger trash can

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