1. U

    Ab/dl aware

    Hi all this is a fairly long post I'm living in the UK and going away for a few days in August with my g/f and I'm going to be wearing most the days and nights I decided I would email my hotel and inform them that I wear nappies/diapers,I can't say enough about how accomadating they were even...
  2. tiny

    When councils turn bad... :-)

    I just had to share this... I don't want to over-sell it, but I have never laughed so hard in my life... (whilst also feeling a bit bad for the people involved)... :smile1: A couple living with their disabled daughter in a council house (social housing) finally won a legal battle to force the...
  3. paciboy

    personal baby rooms / nurseries

    hi everyone! I was recently thinking about how my AB side will change once i get my own apartment. There is no doubt i will be showing my baby side more often when i dont hav to worry about other people in the house. I started to think about if i will have a room dedicated to my infantilism...
  4. betagame

    DJ Dawber | HOUSE

    I am wondering if anyone has listened to the Dj Dawber Bitorrent Files. My Favorites is 20 10 07 mix match 000, 1 06 07001 (it sounds like a suitable DDR song), and COM HOUSE DAWBER004. Has anyone listened to this artist???