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Thread: 2 way radios.

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    Default 2 way radios.

    Anyone here in the hobby of either gmrs radio or amateur ham radio? I'm going to be trying for the ham licenses soon. Probably going to take all three the first time through to get the technical and see where I stand and what I need to study on the general and plus test.

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    Yes, I've been a ham since 1971. Been an Amateur Extra since 1988. Also hold the general radiotelephone operator license and the radiotelegraph license. Have done a bit of commerical and broadcast work as well.

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    I'm a General class ham since about 2007. I also have my GMRS and Restricted Radio operator licenses.

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    I'm going for it since I'm trying to get into another Hobby, overlanding. CB just ain't what it used to be. It's so overcrowded and vulgar and range is limited. Also we have a few public GMRS repeaters in the area setup by local preppers and 4x4 clubs so overall once someone is dialed into the repeaters the entire Western portion of the state is pretty much covered, also the signal on ham and GMRS is so much cleaner both clarity and language

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    I will be licensed for 26 years in a couple of weeks , it sounds kinda weird but there are 7 Amateur operators on this forum that I know of , there could be more that I haven't met yet.

    If you study for all tests and pass them all at once going from zero to extra there is a special pool of callsigns that you can pick your favorite call from , it separates you and celebrates your accomplishment , there are literally a subset of operators who specifically try and contact both those custom calls for that pool as well as seeking out the call signs of the mythical advanced class , when they consolidated license classes they did away with that class but people got to keep there call and status as long as they don't ask to change it , my X-YL can create a pile up of people wanting to work her because she is in the mythical class.

    You can't go wrong getting your ticket , there are some anal prick's in the service but they can be ignored ( they retain that 1970's CB mentality and attitude).

    Good luck and let us know if you do it , and of course feel free to ask for any help you need, with studying or equipment .

    There are both free and paid courses you can study right on your phone or tablet if you don't want to buy the books. And many clubs give free training classes also.

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    I agree with Tetra. I actually came up through the ranks because the Morse code was still a requirement. I had a novice in middle school, a tech in college, and then I finally got shamed into passing the 13WPM code test by a ham friend about ten years later. Took me about a month of nuckling down studying to get that under my belt, spent another three months getting up to 20WPM.

    The written part was never that onerous to me. I crammed my way to the tech and the 2nd class radiotelephone in college. As soon as I got the code I went straight to advanced (my tech was old enough I'd already taken the general written). Once I got Extra, I became the local VE coordinator for our radio club (the woman who had it before was more than happy to give it up). I presided at some mongo sessions when the NO CODE TECH first got passed (I think we may have been the first testing session in the area after the effective date) and then again when the 5WPM everything got passed. I was out of it by the time they finally deep sixed it for everything. At least with my "20WPM" extra, I got a pass on the Commercial Radiotelegraph Code test (not that this license is good for anything).

    As Tetra says there are lots of training material out there for the ham tests. There's a great site for the commercial exams called or something. This is how I crammed for the Radiotelegraph written.

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    Interesting to see this thread, I have recently been considering getting my ham license. I have always wanted to, but never had the money or time. I definitely agree, CB is certainly not what it used to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thickdiapers View Post
    Interesting to see this thread, I have recently been considering getting my ham license. I have always wanted to, but never had the money or time. I definitely agree, CB is certainly not what it used to be.
    The testing fee maximum is $15 which is a bargain especially if you take and pass all 3 tests at once.

    Once you get your ticket you can buy a CCR ( Cheap Chinese Radio) for like $35 on amazon that will let you get your feet wet well you save for a rig like a "Shack in the box " Icom 7100,Kenwood TS 2000, Yaesu FT 991 or 991 A , or Alinco SR9T , they are all band all mode radios from 160 meters all the way up to like 70Cm , and range in price from $850- $1500 , so low finances are not a reason to stay away any more , for about $200 you can test get your license and an HT ( handy talkie) as well as a high power mobile for the house or car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    you can buy a CCR ( Cheap Chinese Radio)
    Ha! I had a good chuckle about that!

    The last time I really considered ham was when I was in my late teens, when I was big into CB radio. I even started a local club and we had regular meet ups. At that time though, I remember seeing the high prices for radios, and the exam really seemed out of reach for me. I am looking forward to getting into this again.

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    I never said this but any of those all band radios will put out 100 watts on 11 meters (CB) because hams have privileges at 10 meters, of corse it is illegal to use more than 4 watts on CB , but if you remember the 70's you will know that never stopped anyone , basically the FCC abandoned CB licensing and enforcement because it was virtually impossible to rein in all those big power knuckleheads with there 1000 watt amps, I don't know where you are from but in N.Y city the taxi & Limousine commision impounded a cab and turned it over to the FCC when they inspected it , there was no room in the trunk for luggage because the guy ran like a 5000 watt amp on his CB and it took every inch of the trunk space .

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