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Thread: Best clean up method

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    Question Best clean up method

    Hi there, Im am just cerious, what is the best and most natural clean up method for when changing your diapers or for me (right now anyway) I just sleep in them over night and it is very soaked by morning, what is the best clean up for when taking of the diaper for the day when your quiet not ready for a shower, os there a wipe you reccomend? is there a natural homemade solution you know of? Any advise would be great just dont want any rashes or infections, keep in mind i'd like to be as natural as possible

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    wipes when out especially if messy. Use powder it reduces the smell of urine and fecal mater.

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    warm facecloth works for me (wet only)

    I just throw a towel down on the floor in front of the sink, fire up the tap on tolerably warm, and repeatedly wet a soft facecloth and clean around.

    or just shower!

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    My advice is to wear until you shower, then use shampoo down there and then apply lotion once you get out of the shower.

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    I wear at night, so on training mornings ( 5 days a week) I clean up with a baby wipe and shower after my workout. If no workout, then I shower right away.

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    In the morning, I go from a wet diaper strait to the shower.
    If I am changing mid-day, for wet diaper I use baby wipes and powder; for dirty diaper I can sometimes get by with wipes and a ziplock bag to contain smell, but I definitely prefer to shower.

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    I always take a shower, I sleep on always discreet underwear and I wake up soaked and I take a shower right away.
    After work I use baby wipes and when I use the toilet and the tena active is wet I use baby wipes and hand sanitizer >\\\\\<

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    With a little practice you can clean up the nastiest messes with 3 or 4 baby wipes and start the day with a baby fresh butt.

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