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    The topic of spouses and diapers is a good one. My own wife (of more than 13 years) stumbled upon my diaper habit only this year. She was slightly intrigued, but clearly not interested in getting involved, so I've continued to wear and to wash my diapers only when I have the house to myself. Privacy in diapers has been my routine for decades, though, and I've never dared to hope for more. Certainly things *could* be easier, though! Perhaps when the kids are off to college, I'll let myself get a little lazier about stashing things and see where that leads. Fortunately, my being "out" to my wife hasn't led to any decrease in intimacy or had any other adverse side-effects, as far as I can tell, though I do sometimes pretend I'm in her shoes and wonder what's going through her mind. It must seem a bit weird to imagine your man all diapered up like a baby! I don't blame her for leaving it alone! :)
    Tossing out stashes sucks. As far as I can remember, I've never "purged" (in terms of my want for diapers), though I have tossed out all of my diapers on several occasions in order to avoid being found out. The last time was when moving home from college. In those days, my stash was little more than a few bags of Pampers and Huggies, though I'd unfortunately placed some baby items from my childhood in the same box, and ended up throwing those out as well. Very sad. :( Anyway, here's hoping you manage to build yourself a new stash, even if it's small and deliberately inconspicuous!

    (to be continued...)
    Nope. I probably wouldn't, either, because they're so small--only 14" on the longest side. They're supposed to be stretchy, but that won't help when they're used as doublers. Green Mountain Diapers used to sell sherpa prefolds in larger sizes, but recently stopped carrying them. I never tried them, but recently had the itch. D'oh! Too late. :( Have you tried other toddler diapers for doublers? I really like the Green Mountain Cloth-eez diapers. The XL is 20" long when fully shrunk, which is just long enough that I don't notice the ends while I'm wearing it. For experimentation's sake, I got some of their small (13.5") and medium (15.5") prefolds too, and they are just not quite long enough to be used comfortably as doublers.

    To put all of this into perspective, I have a 38" waist, and normally wear a medium in the Changing Times / Rearz prefold diapers. (Though with Boingos I've lately been wearing smalls.)
    I came to Christ at about 12 years old, so most of my life. So a long the way, there have been many oppootunities to trust in God and thereby grow in the faith. Of course, there are the set backs too. But God is faithful - He's gonna finish what he started. Guess you could say its been an adventure! Glad to make your aquaintance.
    Hi BabyBike1, nice to meet you! It's encouraging to meet other Christians who are AB/DL - I thought I'd be the only one! (Far from it, though). How long have you been a Christian for?
    Hey -- Thanks for the friend request! -- Nope, no PUL pants. I can't decide what to buy next! I've been flirting with the idea of ordering some cloth training pants from Baby Pants, but we'll see. I do really want PUL pants, but I'd like a really trim fit, so I may have to custom order something made to my size. I've resisted the urge to do that so far, but it's slowly becoming apparent to me that the ready-made sizes just don't agree with my body shape. D'oh!
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