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Thread: Weird Baby Wipe question

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    Default Weird Baby Wipe question

    So, I want to get some wipes but I'm not sure what kind to get. I'm trying to find ones that smell like the baby wipes I remember from the 90s. I remember them coming in tubs that looked like legos (they stacked, i remember that much.) What kind were they? I'm sure they probably don't exist any more but surely something out there smells similar. Anyone know? Thanks

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    I've used Huggies wipes for a long time and I would recommend them but the scents aren't like those from the 90s. There's been a trend in baby products away from "baby scents" and more toward a lack of fragrance to avoid possible allergic reaction or at least to milder scents like lavender, cucumber, green tea, and shea butter. I've gravitated more toward the One And Done despite the weird looking baby on the front. Huggies wipes are available in packs and in the more Lego style containers you recall.

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    From what I've seen at my work Trevor is right in the transition toward hypoallergenic baby wipes. Less smell like anything but if they do its usually a lavender or cucumber thing. But the Johnson and Johnson baby powder still smells like baby powder so... atleast we have that.

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    That sucks. I miss the intoxicating smells of the nursery.

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    Sorry don't know but I can't go past Johnson & Johnson Baby Skin Care Wipes lightly scented. Soft, strong and beautifully fragranced.

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    Guess I'll have to shop around and see what I like.

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    i have used many different sorts and i think Johnsons now are the only ones nearest to baby smell...but if you get a can of Clinitex emollent foam and use that with a wipe it is like a foam and leaves you smelling very baby baby and is great for cleaning up too as foams up so little needed xxx

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    They did used to smell stronger, right? I'm not just imagining that am I? Nothing stays the same I guess.

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    I can still smell my baby wipes, I love the smell of baby wipes, it takes me back. I was a pampers baby.

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    Still am, the more o think about it, but I LOVE johnsons products!

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    I am quite fond of Pampers Baby Fresh now as they have a great scent that doesn't overpower and give me away. Sorry they no longer come in the plastic tubs but rather in a soft plastic pop-up package.

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