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  • Yeah. I had a similar arrangement with another member. Being able to see who's active without logging is a god send.

    Glad to hear things are alright. :)
    thx for getting back to me ive been off for a while but i just read ur comment dude love it im like addicted to that story as most people said u should of dragged the ending out even further u did a great job with it and ya if u do make another story from johnnys view leave a message on ther i will be loving to read it i guess when u wrote it u didnt excepct it to be huge or as well sucseful as it is but dude very well writen but also if u need ideas i could help you with ideas but as u said no where in the near future changing topics ur new stories i read are not as good as cody and the start over program i think ur not getting in to ur writing as u once were so dont take this wrong please this is wat i suggest if you dont feel the story
    flowing through you or not getting in to it take time and relax and think of some thing that intrest you write something that people would love also the only thing is i find it hard to read ur new storys it doesnt say stay here contiune ready as i expect out of ur writing but i relize u took a break so it may take you some time to find your spring in ur step that you once had but keep at it srry for being so mean i like to speak truth and if u take this wrong please let me know good luck i hope this helps you if not its ok it wont hurt me have fun any questions about wat im saying u know where im at
    Hey man, your stories are really good. They are all well written and have a great story to them. Each of them are different and unique in there own way. Can't wait for the next story!
    o also can u make a sequle (bad spelling i no) to cody and the baby start over program like a story telling johnys story and the beging of the program cause i figured that would be pretty cool to hear in depth wat he went through cause if it is exciding as the original it will be a award winner im my book well im out
    hey man are you still writing stories if so can u pm me some links i love wat u write
    just wanna say HEY!
    I am from NY and moving to FL, and
    I know a good bunch of DLs from NC and SC!
    - peace
    Well it's nice to talk with you :) Should I introduce myself?
    I just finished reading the Baby Cody story and I loved it. I just wished you could have gone into detail at the end where Cody has to be kept like a baby for a month and then potty-trained again. I would have loved it if you had explained the process but the story was still great.:)
    Hi there, so sorry!

    Send it now :) If you don't get on before midnight, then I will ask Maytricks for your votes :)
    ohhh at the end you made it sound real, in the middle i didnt somewhat believe it.. but the end made it more believeable xD
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