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  • Update on my roommates Van.. It practically started.. Just needs a few more warm days.. I was right.. Frozen gas lines.
    Since he can't get into tthe ADISC IRC (EC+ now) he told me to wedgie you from another network :p
    [14:09] <serjohn> give tbe a wedgie from me :p
    Hey TBE. Got another question for you...(Mike|mchp82 from the irc :p) Hit me up in the IRC or if I am not active there, PM me on the site if you're able and/or willing to.
    Yo TBE, hit me up. I'm going to be back in town this Saturday! SO yeah i will be back in Goshen that day. I hope to hear back from you soon, hit me up or text me. see ya!
    I am back in Indiana June 30th -August 30th. Maybe contact me then? Or you can get ahold of me on my cell: 415-902-4535 anyways see you!
    Hihi! happy new year! hugs, yes i may come back in March instead of June. but i will keep ya updated. take care!
    Hey the its Zebeny. But I couldn't remember my password. Add me if you want on this profile. Lol ill try not to forget my password again.
    I hope you get this before going out tonight. I have been thinking and I don't think it is a good idea for me to meet you yet. I really don't much about you. And while some are comfy with such an age gap, I am not very comfortable. I would love to talk to you more here as long as you are not upset. Plus, I do have a lunch date tomorrow and I do have a big paper due Tuesday and a bunch of reading to do. Please do not be upset with me. I just think that if I ran this by my counselor that she wouldn't be happy with my choice for now. And I need some accountability before I just go out to meet someone. Again, I do hope you check this before you go out. Plus I can't seem to sleep tonight so I will probably sleep late in the morning. Have a good weekend.
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