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  • Well I have a pretty damn good job. I work downtown in Chicago for a law firm 3 days a week. Good job, good pay but the commute kills. I do keep busy though, which is why my social life has kinda been in the toilet the last... 2 years or so.
    Ha! I wish for the summer off. My school does trimesters so not only am I not off over the summer, I'm working part time and trying to pull stuff together for graduation in a few months!
    Well truthfully, it's not a lack of ideas that's got me stuck, it's some other factors. I'm at no shortage for ideas trust me, I have enough ideas for things to happen that could carry me through a Part 2 and even someday a Part 3. The thing is sitting down and writing is getting harder and harder for me with work and school and the like. And when I open it up to continue it, I have trouble starting from where I left off.
    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! It seems to have hit the nail on the head with quite a few people here on ADISC, and I'm so glad. As for a continuation... I'm not really sure. I know I was working one for a while, maybe got 1/8 of the way through what I would need for a proper continuation. That said, I haven't worked on it for some time so I'm not sure when another section would come out. I would like to publish one eventually, I just remember I got stuck at one point.

    Anyways, thanks for the support! If you want to see more of it, keep the thread alive and recommend it to others so I'll be reminded of it often :)
    hi. sorry i haven't responded, i have been on a loooooong purge.
    hey whatup!
    we are both in the ADISC football group, i just wanted to say HEY!

    i played various positions, mostly DE. What position(s) do you play (in football)?
    - Will =)
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