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  • I have great news Mr. Satyrical!
    While I couldn't find any place I had kept a copy of Babystar, I DO have a friend who remembered it and happened to have it. So if you want it back, just let me know ^_^
    I read a story of yours a while back called Babystar. I don't see it on the site anymore, so I was curious if you (or someone else) had a copy of it still? I know it's been like, ten years. I thought I had it somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.
    Sorry, it's been lost to the void. Flattered that you remember it!
    That's a shame. And I remember it fondly. It was pretty much the first ABDL story that taught me there could be plot. You are a fantastic writer. If I ever do come across it again, I'll let you know.
    Hey satyrical. I was wondering if you could send me a link to Babystar. I really want to read it but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
    Hey satyrical!

    Sorry I never had answered you like years ago =P never came back to the site.

    I go to university actually in NB at MTA. But I still live in NS and drive over every day ;p
    Oh, and the KHL... It just isn't the same since Baby Burmie called it "an old man's league". Still, Satan hasn't come back to the NHL yet... and I wanted a jersey!
    Ha! Ha! Kovalev! Of course not. ;)

    No, but really, Kovalchuk was my first favorite player. He scored the first goal of my first game, and from then on I knew I was hooked. My first piece of hockey memorabilia was a Kovalchuk pennant that continues to hang in my room. Now that the Thrashers are gone, I no longer have to hate him (and can even reconcile his treachery with reason that he knew exactly what would happen with the franchise).

    For what it's worth, though, my style of play is nothing like his. I will hang my head in shame if I do a figure-8, a bit of fancy skating, and a quick surrendering of the puck. Him? He gets paid $100M to do that!
    Defense partner... I like that! (Though I mainly play RW, albeit a two-way role.)

    I know full well how rabidly fanatical Canadians are about hockey, and to be quite honest, I often wish that I could be one! Canada seems like such an appealing place, from what I've seen on the internet and in the media... hockey just does seem to be a way of life. I do think it could work in the South (I mean, it's fast and violent... like NASCAR and football on ice. Only better.), and it has worked in places like Raleigh and Nashville, but I admit that it would never exceed the appetite for the game that many Canadians share, with a few exceptions (such as myself!). I don't think that Winnipeg doesn't deserve a hockey team, but, of course, I'm crushed that they took my childhood team. It feels like a death in the family to my parents and I. So, while I was just joking around when I said that your title was "tasteless, offensive, and utterly Satanic", I'm still sad. Ah well... life moves on. I think!
    Well, this is certainly an interesting series...!

    And, by the way, I do consider you to be one of my best friends on ADISC... but I find your user title to be tasteless, offensive, and utterly Satanic. Just saying.
    Well, now that my beloved team is probably being shipped off to a desolate truck stop in the middle of a barren, frozen wasteland (Winnapog? Whenapig? Oh, Winnipeg.), I will be adopting the Bruins as my new team if I can manage to still be able to be a fan of the NHL. So, it begins now! The Canucks are a more explosive team, and they'll probably win, but I'll be rooting for the Broons anyway. After all, I'm used to rooting for an unpopular losing team.
    Well, besides the Hurricanes, the Lightning are the Thrashers' biggest rivals. And I hated that they barely beat us out in 2008 for worst in the league, and they got Stamkos (We got Zach Bogosian), and their franchise is doing great things, while ours might be leaving.
    You know, the Canuckleheads might actually do it this year! They look really good since their near-collapse to the Hawks. That being said, I'd be happy if either team from the East won. While Boston is my second-favorite team, and I do hate the Bolts, it'd be nice to see a non-traditional-market team pull it off-- twice in ten years.

    But, honestly, the thing that I really care about right now is making sure that there will be no Winnipeg Jets.
    Well, thanks! I was pretty scared when the Flyers and Bolts were each down 3-2 and 3-1 respectively, as my father had picked the Pens and the Sabres. The two main reasons that I picked Tampa were that 1. Pittsburgh was really beat up, and their roster was comprised mainly of AHL-caliber players, while TB was healthy, and 2. I can't stand the Penguins-- even though the Lightning are, outside of the Canes, the Thrashers' biggest rivals! I had a hockey game on a day before the Penguins were preparing to take on the Thrashers, and they were all over the place... spitting, kicking their stupid ball (HEY! NO PICTURES!)... you get it. They're a bunch of conceited jerks!

    And... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! :biggrin:
    Yep, I picked Lulu and the Nucks as a victorious second-round team in my pool. (I ended up going 8 for 8 in the first round!) They are good, but, in spite of myself, I'm rooting for the Preds, as a southern team winning the Stanley Cup would make all those Winnipeggers who want our teams cringe in horror!

    And I know Winny has natural ice, but there's this great newfangled invention that fixes that... oh, I know! Ice rinks! :lol:
    Da da dum, da da dum, da da da dee da da dum, da da dum, da da dum, da dee da da doh...

    Ahem! Excuse me. I don't really know how it happened, other than good (lucky?) play by Chicago the last few games, and Luongo crapping the bed numerous occasions, but honestly, I love it. I'll be happy no matter who wins (my original prediction was 'Nucks in 7, but it'd be nice to see the underdog win, too), and, as you said, "As long as it's good hockey, I'll be happy!"

    Well, you must be a girl with shoes like that, she said 'you know me well'...
    Ah, thank you-- I'm honored that I helped, even just a little but, to inspire such a masterful April Fools' Day plot! I was going to say that Bambino was going to discontinue their printed diapers, but someone else (KaworuVsDrWily?) stole my idea. I would have come up with another, but I was really busy that day and I didn't really have a backup plan. (Plus, someone gave me neg-rep last year for the RickRoll link when I said that Deeker had been arrested! :O )

    About the playoffs... I'm not exactly sure how I feel. They always bring great excitement and the best hockey all year (duh). But, of course, there is an agonizing longing that comes with it, as the stinking Thrashers will be working instead on their golf games following the end of the regular season... AGAIN. It's a brutal cycle... bad ownership, low payroll, poor results. Year in and year out. Next year, though...!
    Dude, I'm sorry, but, no. Diapmare was pretty lame, and this? This doesn't do Babystar justice! This is like the Cody and the Baby Start over Program sequel where the main character was a fucking sith lord!
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