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  • dude.
    suuuuuuup!! Didn't think you were all that active on here anymore..? I sure as shit haven't been lately.
    Hey have you read any of Martin Heidegger?
    i've only recently discovered Plato's works - it's great to see how here there written in plays, i dipped my toe in the philosophical pool with philip k dick first , whilst having a family member talk a lot about Martin Heidegger when was younger .
    i'm presently fond of philip k dick's novels / writtings but a bit upset over his family suing google .
    nexus 6 i mean come on that's dumb .

    respectfully ,
    beanie (ire)
    Yep yep, nice to see you too. Had a damn good time, just wish I could've stayed a bit longer
    Aye, was nice meeting you too. I don't apologise if I frightened or scared you, but I sure hope the comedy was worth the annoyance. ^_^
    Nice meeting you yesterday, hope you had a good night. Nice to see another football fan (even if it is Scottish :p *jokes*). Good luck for the season!
    No, but if you want I can put a stick of butter on your head. That's the optional initiation ritual.
    Well I'm not into it as much as I used to...The Pikachu is really old...Like when Pokemon was actually new
    I was on Wiki earlier tonight and found out that there is a time capsole in Atlanta, GA that is supposted to be oped in the year 8133 and then I see your thread. weird.
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