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  • I'm doing pretty good, I saw you were fairly local and thought I'd say hello. How's the Adirondacks?
    Hey, just happened on your profile, and wanted to say I really like your Hikaru picture! I love Hikaru no Go, it's such a great show! :)
    Yeah, just was feeling left out of things and the unity i felt amongst all of us just kinda cracking but i think i fixed it.
    Hanging in there, had a minor crisis last day but I think I recovered. Had to remind myself how great some ppl are here :D
    Boo! I don't think we've crossed paths in a long while. How have you been?
    Hey Ace!
    Belated Happy Birthday wishes!
    Somehow no one reminded me the your birthday was coming up!
    ~ Will :)
    Happy Birthday!! ^_^

    May your special day be just that, special for you & may your birthday wish, whatever it was, come true for you!! **hugs**
    Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaayyyyy toooo youuuuu~
    Happy Birfdaaaayyyy toooo youuuuuuuuu~
    Happy Birfday dear Aceyyyyy~
    he I'm sorta new to the site so i thought i would say hey to a few regualars so that i could get better used to this
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