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You just can’t be too careful. There are two types of AB/DL. The ones that are open about it, and the ones that have not been caught. My home is for sale, and I agreed to let my realtor stage the house and get it ready to sell. I guess I misunderstood the date because when I got home from a business trip, I discovered that the house had been staged, and set up to show. It looks awesome.

Usually I’m very careful about my stuff even though I live alone. I keep all of my stuff in one of the walk-in closets off the master. I didn't expect anyone to be in the house while I was gone. The closet was neatly arranged with 2 diaper pails, 12 packages of Comficare disposables, boxes of diaper pail liners, a dozen or more cloth diapers, lots of pins, and stacks of plastic pants. All in the open and in plain sight.

The stagers were in every where including the closet, as they used it to store other stuff.

My realtor is a neighbor. I really doubt that she will say a word about it (what could she say), but it will be awkward when I see her in the morning. I can’t blame anyone, and I never thought I would be this negligent.
, and I can’t blame anyone. I never thought it would happen to me.
is this real? idk what i'd even say to that man that is awful. I keep my in my trunk at all times, I was carrying a bag out to dump the dirty diapers last night and my mom insisted on seeing what was in the bad so I had to freak out and tell her I didn't wanna show her cuz I was ashamed of myself. I told her I peed my pants and she already thinks I have a drug/alch problem so I got away with it thank god
Yeah, I hate when stuff like that happens. I've been roused early in the morning by a delivery person, and I was dressed in sweats, but wearing a diaper underneath. I've also had family show up unexpected and had to dash to hide things. it gets annoying.
I've also had the issue with delivery person, usually I lounge around in a t-shirt and diapers when in my apartment after work or even at lunch time since I change my diaper before I head back to work. Most of the time the delivery guy is actually delivering more diapers, so I have to quickly put on a pair of pants or shorts and get the package hoping my diaper doesn't pop up when getting the package. Usually only the case with UPS, FedEx Ground has a serious problem with wanting to actually deliver to my address if they are diapers/bigbox, so I usually have to hold at pickup at the store.
I have a similar situation living on a college campus. They randomly check rooms to make sure there are not any violations going on and I generally have all my AB/DL stuff put away except for my MLP items.
I remember last year when I went on a band trip to Kansas City my roommate said they had room checks while I was gone and I was surely glad that I put my all my stuff away right before I left.
Yes, it is true and this is a follow up on it.

My house keeper knows and actually takes my stuff out of the dryer, folds, and puts stuff away. I spoke to he after this happened and she actually saw a couple of the stagers (women) move my stuff around.

I have seen and talked to my realtor since then and although she never said anything directly, I could tell that she knew and was too (shy or professional) to mention it.

Since that time I have a new perspective, I almost don't give a darn who knows or sees what any more. My shyness is gone.
The less said the better - everyone sees something out of place at some time and unlike words out of a mouth of a baby "That man is wearing (my) diapers" !
Just carry on and try to avoid making the situation worse than it may already be.
To be honest, diapers themselves are not necessarily something that immediately gets seen as a fetish item. None of the items as described scream 'weird fetish'. Instead, someone might think that there is a reason you need them, whether you suffer from incontinence, or nocturnal enuresis, or whatever. A realtor should have the professionalism to know that some things found when staging a house should not be discussed openly (unless they may cause problems with trying to sell the property). If they were to go blabbing about sensitive items their sellers have, it won't be long before they start losing business.

If you think about it, someone having diapers on a shelf in the closet should be ignored. A BDSM dungeon in one room needs to be discussed, as it may put some buyers off. Can you imagine bringing a prospective buyer through and trying to offer the room as a bedroom, maybe for a child? That would be awkward. Just imagine the conversation with the people looking at the house...
Can be embarrassing. Be overly confident if you are wearing under clothing. I got surprise visited by my friend and a pastor mother whilst wearing during a braai/barbecue and it was change time and nobody could guess. Your attitude says plenty...
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