Wings Choice Plus Quilted Adult Briefs

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I am wondering if anyone has used these diapers before? Please post what you thought of them and how absorbent they are. I am looking to buy some more diapers and I found these really cheap on
I ave purchased them before and yes the are super cheap. There is a reason they are so cheap, the are less absorbing than Depends and the tapes are pretty pathetic. However because they are so cheaply made they are super easy to stuff. If you go to Walgreens and pick yourself up some Well Beginnings size 6 baby diapers on sale you can have a diaper that holds about 1liter super cheap.
They are not that good. They are a cheap medical diaper. The padding will fall apart rather quickly. The chapter they are the worse they are.
Thank you both for the input. I think i'm going to look into a better product.
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