Who Else Watched ABU's First Birthday Stream?!

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I'm beyond excited for pretty much everything they announced! The standout item for me though was the ABU customizable paci :D I cannot physically wait to get my hands on them!

What did you all think of it?
there was a stream o-o, wow, no idea. sounds like abu is gonna branch out though, beyond just diapers. Which is awesome if thats the case :D
Where did they stream it? If it's on YouTube or twitch you can go back and re-watch it
You can view it in ABU's News & Events section.
I missed out on it - luckily they provided a recording!
Huh, that test onsie and return idea is interesting. Kinda smart.
I watched the stream today, even though I've never bought any ABDL specific diapers and don't really know much about ABU it was kind of cool to see
I thought it was great. Looking forward to the pacis and to see what the preschool diapers will be like.
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