Where can I get diapers for BAB stuffies?


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I just got a Toothless stuffie from BAB and I want to get a diaper for them. I tried looking on Etsy but couldn't find any. If anyone knows a specific seller on Etsy that has them let me know
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ebay has them some times. newborn papers is what my bab wears
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Yep, size 1, 2 diapers work best for my stuffies. Hello-Bello has the cutest prints for them. They say they are comfy, and claim they don't leak, but I have my suspicions. There's been a few wet beds that have no other explanation............
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Maybe try to find some Toothless stickers you could to put on them ??
I feel dumb. I had to look up "BAB."

("Oh. Build-A-Bear." 🤦‍♀️)

I don't love the idea of buying a large number of tiny diapers just for one plush, but if you've got (or are amassing) a plush army, then why not? On the other hand, there are small businesses like this one who do custom sample packs, so while you'd spend a little more, you'd be wasting fewer diapers and you could have some cute variety.

That Toothless looks adorable by the way. He needs a magnet behind his lips so that he can have a pacifier too!
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Another option is build a bear has made diapers for their stuffies in the past. If you look up build a bear diaper on ebay or Mercari or ask around in Facebook build a bear groups you can probably find someone selling one either by itself or in a lot with other clothes.