What's Your Little Character?


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I haven’t found a little version of myself that I can express in real life. I know a few things that I’d like and dislike doing but I don’t want to write a long boring list of those things. Instead, I think It would be best to tell everyone about 2 little characters I roleplay and how they tend to act. For The sake of fun, I figured I’d also make them brothers.

Landon is Cedric’s Older Brother. He’s a chubby 7-year-old bear cub who looks slightly older than most cubs his age. He still needs help with a lot of tasks that his peers have mastered, (such as tying his shoes, properly dressing, eating without making a mess, and wiping.) to make matters worse, Landon often has difficulty communicating his needs because of his limited vocabulary. He’d rather avoid his problems than face failure, and will typically respond to uncomfortable questions with something along the lines of “I don’t know.” He is happiest around people who love him, without having any expectations of his competence. His favorite things are eating, wrestling, and racing toy trucks in the mud. He says he wants to be a racecar driver when he grows up.

Cedric, Is 4 years old and technically the younger brother but sometimes acts older than Landon. He Is very bright, mature, and adventurous, almost every day he’ll come running back from the woods with a pretty flower or potion to show his daddy. Since he admires his caregivers so much, he is very attached to them and will get upset if they ignore his gifts for too long. Since Landon has trouble with his school work, Cedric usually does it for him. The activity books truly challenge and fascinate the boy, to him it feels more like play than work. He believes that dinosaurs still exist somewhere, and wants to become a paleontologist so he can prove his theory to the world.


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My little side is about 2 year old. He is not potty trained and loves playing with cars or watching cartoons. He still needs his pacifier and loves baby bottles. And currently cries a lot because he is an oprphan


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And here I thought I was the only one who came up with a little space persona of sorts.

Mine is Asher, a fun-loving 4 year old (though I'm still not entirely stuck on that age ^^; ) with fluffy blonde hair and heterochromia making his right eye hazel and his left eye a bright green. He's usually wearing different colorful tshirts and either jeans or shorts, though overalls aren't entirely out of the question. He still wears diapers and is usually seen with his one favorite paci in his mouth when he isn't eating, drinking or talking, which is something he does a lot, even if sometimes he's just making random cute noises. He's a bit of a pudgy cinnamon roll, but he's polite and honest with a heart of gold. He's easily scared by loud noises, and often cries if yelled at. He's rather shy at first and often stays in his own corner of the room, in his own little world, with the enormous imagination he has.


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The character of my little...
She's a bit shy around new people. Age is hard to say, she still drinks her bottle with milk (she can hold it herself) but also came to the stage where she's starting to use a sippy cup for Roosvicee (sort of syrup). She also eats solid food, but does better when fed. She's still a sucker for pacifiers.
She's potty trained, can go to the toilet, but sometimes still needs daddy's to scare away the toilet monster or to help re-dress.

She really craves attention, loves to be spoiled like a little princes, and adores getting gifts. She can be really sweet and obedient, but she can also be a bit of a brat. Especially with Daddy when she secretly is trying to get a particular kind of attention. On the other hand she also loves to help where she can.
She likes to play together, however has little experience with it and sometimes find it a bit difficult.

She has a Daddy, who's really loving. But also have a very busy life and is also an very inexperienced daddy. So she's often alone.


I’m a sissy boy looking for her big strong mommy
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My little is the exact opposite of me in real life primarily cause I’m a masculine guy.

I’m a little baby girl named Allie about 1 year old. I have blonde hair that’s always in pig tails. I only wear the puffiest diapies because I have zero control. I still eat baby food and oatmeal. I make a lot of peepees and really big poopies. All I’m missing is a big stong mommy to take care of me.