What's pain when sucking a paci mean?

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I'm thinking of getting an adult-sized :paci:. Heck, I may even get one made. I've noticed thumb-sucking is a real pain in the lips!:mad: Is this a problem I'm likely to have with an adult-sized :paci:, and if I do, is it a sign that the baglet, which I learned just yesterday is the proper term for the part you suck on, is too big? What are the signs that the balglet is too small? Could pain be a sign that the shield is too big? Of the 2 orthodontic baglet shapes, which is more comfy, angled or round/flat?:confused:

Sorry to post so many paci questions, but I've no experience with them, and a very picky mouth, and I figure, better to ask everything now, and if I have pain, I'll know what it means, and I can choose another one based on that.
I found that when sucking a paci that was too small (I had bought a pair of Nuk 3s at a supermarket), I would get pain in my cheeks and the corners of my mouth. I've never had a paci that's been the right size since I was an actual baby though, so I can't say anything about whether it was because the pacis I had were too small or not.
Hey there sweet little thing :) I think what might be happening is you're working at it too hard, which could mean working on your technique a bit. You should be able to relax with your thumb in your mouth, such that it puts little or no pressure on your lips when sucking. It should be more the back part of your tongue and roof of your mouth where the action is taking place. I know when I am sucking my thumb, my lips are quite relaxed. It could be that your action is something like Maggie Simpson which is all out front...looks cool on the show but doesn't really work.

If you've nailed this right, your natural sucking reflex which is instinct, should just take over.

Whith a paci, that comes down to a preference for shape and feel in your mouth. I don't mind the larger orthodontic shape Nuk 5, but it does fill your mouth a bit. I haven't tried the longer ones that are more like your thumb because I think I might find them tiring. (Plus I like my thumb ... we go back a long way) I actually prefer a toddler size cherry shaped paci (tommee tipee) which I probably just play with more in my mouth than suck...it's there for long periods of time and I just enjoy the feeling.

So I'm afraid it's trial and error, practice and personal preference. But what fun exploring :paci:❤️
My small ones make my gums swell a little right behind my top teeth. My large one is further back in my mouth so more comfortable. I just have to remember to stop sucking and just hold it until it feels better. My thumb makrs my teeth feel funny like they are shifting so I switched. I do not recommend more than an hour or so sucking on a small paci. Sucking a large one works all night as long as you take a rest from sucking whenever needed. I am sure as babies doze off, the sucking decreases as well. All the nursing I've done. I have found it is difficult to keep a baby sucking heartily for ten minutes per side. I have never had to nurse one more than twenty minutes total even up to 18 months old. Why would they be more vigorous on an empty paci? I doubt that they would. A paci tends to relax me quick enough most of the time that I am asleep before any damage is done. The other night I had my paci clipped to my blankie and I must have given it up in the night. My husband had to go to the men's room so he grabbed my blankie to cover up. Next morning He was still under my blankie and the paci was on the other side of him. With him wrapping his arms around me I did not miss it.
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