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I enjoy changing my little when he wet's his diaper. As of this last week that's about as far as we had come to exploring our AB side. We have really loved the snuggies, and are going to be buying more this week. I love them too, so comfortable and cute! I love sleeping next to my guy while we're both diapered.
Lately we've started dry breast feedings, it's so beautiful to watch and feel him suckle and gently fall asleep. We've had two bath times this week that have just been wonderful. I'm loving getting a bubble bath ready for him and washing him, playing with the bubbles and drying him off afterwards; then putting a fresh diaper on and baby powdering him.
Tonight at bedtime he's going to snuggle with a teddy bear while he's on the breast.
I always like to hear about two people enjoying their time together as you two. :)
Sounds like an amazing time and you also sound like an amazing caretaker. Thank you for sharing :)
Such a loving and delicate time to share such joys. It is obvious that both of you are so attuned and happy with each other. Congrats!!!
And that is how I imagine the perfect relationship would be. Congrats for being awesome.
Keep enjoying the ab ride hehe
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