What do you all think?

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I don't know if this should really go here but since it is kinda related( I insist on being called a scalie and not a furry) I just wanted thoughts and not to mention maybe find other scalies (here and FA) who might want to do this. I'm broke so it's only an idea.

I say go for it!
FauxPas said:
I say go for it!

It will be a long time before I can.
When you can, I think you should go for it too.
Mattew said:
When you can, I think you should go for it too.
Thanks! when I rebuild my cash stash I will!
Sounds nifty
dlore2177 said:
Sounds nifty

For the inflatable nuts! Also for filling tires at the beach!
I have been thinking but I think my Claw patrol Zoran should do something actually useful! the idea I wrote was based on my inflatable fetish and its not all that handy unless your at the beach or a party without a bounce house. I'm thinking of him being exactly like Zuma but a dinosaur version but I should do something unique. In real life I operate construction equipment but that would be too much like Rubble and despite us having the same profession he is my least favorite pup. I was thinking of him being a welder but diapers burn/melt and I don't like mixing my fetishis with anything remotely related to work although I don't weld for work. I think another idea would be an electrician but same thing.So I'm dumbfounded what he should do! What things do you have in mind? For me I have

Water rescuelike Zuma)
Equipment operator like Rubble. could be combined with the truck driver role)
truck driver(hauler with a low boy trailer, could possibly combined with equipment operator)
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