Welcoming the New Year...in diapers!

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Hi Everyone! Happy New Years Eve (has anyone in the world already done it?)

What is your resolution?

Mine is to welcome the new year, in diapers! Of course, that is going to mean I will have to be diapered all day today, and then at my mother-in-law's house tonight. She does not know about my diapers, but she is pretty open minded anyway...besides, she wears IC pads and stuff...so, I think I'd be in good company if I was "caught". My wife said it would be up to me if I wanted to tell her...
i too will be wearing all day today and tonight, will probably go through a few diapers tonight, what with the drinking lol.. and more than likely wake up with a soaking bed in the morning, because the diapers i have are rubbish, but i have protection in place..

You could joke by saying you're baby new year!

I'd be doing likewise, but I'm at my family's vacation home.

My resolution: Try to get my parents to realize I actually do have a bedwetting problem and that it isn't in my head.
Count me in! I'm planning to stay in footed PJs and diaper all day, or at least the diaper under clothes if I decide I must go to the store for something.

Also, silentdreamer1996, your parents have a natural protective defense that causes such denial. Don't let it bother you and hopefully you can go out on your own soon and do whatever you want.
This is the one night no matter where I am that I don't hide my diapers.
I'm sure I'll wake up in a wet diaper on New Years day, sames as it will be for the remaining 365 days that follow.
Happy New Year!

I don't believe in resolutions. I just keep doing my thing and being myself. 2015 has brought new friends, a new job and some other cool things. So as long as I can keep it rolling I'll be good. :)
Trust me, they are the kind of parents who if they sense anything 'unnatural' with you, they'll deny it and try to 'fix' it. They forced me to get my long hair cut, they tried to change my stance on gay marriage (i'm for it), they were disapproving of me having certain friends who were either gay, muslim, etc.

Also, I would be doing what I want/need (as in getting more supplies), but they barred me from using any of my money in my bank account and even moved my money to their accounts, while getting rid of my account.
Side note: Their 'natural' protective defense is what I call their overly traditional roman catholic upbringing. Sure I'm roman catholic as well, but I try to be more open and understanding of others. I'm their sixth (adopted) child and they barely take anything seriously anymore.
I'm going to a small babyfur party tonight, so there will definitely be diapers. I don't really do resolutions but I'm hoping to avoid the toxic mix of drinks I did last year.
I'm with SuperiorPenguin, January 1 for me is just another rent payment. I've already started my no-vape resolution, not a result of the new year, but because I should.
As for today, I hope I'll be able to wear all through the night! My gf has been a little weird about my recent decision to go 24/7, and though I sometimes stop for a few hours, I'll go right back to it. I hope I don't make her too uncomfortable.
well.... diapers are kinda my normal underwear.... it is more of a issue deciding which padding to wear?
Yep I will be I'm wearing 2 double thickness baby kins terry pant diapers and a stuffer
My resolution is to decorate most of the house this coming year
cant believe im going to do this, but i might either move out on my own when i get a decent job, or tell my parents about this obsession.
I am in diapers 24/7 anyway.
Anyway, 1 hour, 40 minutes until 2016.
I have a molicare in my stash I felt like using up, so I'm being a cute lil new year's baby tonight :)
silentdreamer1996 said:
You could joke by saying you're baby new year!

I'd be doing likewise, but I'm at my family's vacation home.

My resolution: Try to get my parents to realize I actually do have a bedwetting problem and that it isn't in my head.

I already used that with my wife. I got raised eyebrows. Oh well, one more hour to 12 pm and the New Year. She and I are watching television. That's about as exciting as it gets, except that in a few more minutes I'll be in diapers and that will be nice. I guess I will be baby 2016.
I was going to wear tonight when I first saw this thread earlier today. But now that it's closer to bedtime, I realize I shouldn't. I've got to get up at my normal time in the morning. So I don't think I'm going to be wearing.
Happy New Year everybody!!!

For me I would say my New Year's revolution is: be more healthy and exercise a lot more.
New Years resolution is : to live life to the fullest, don't worry about others look out for me cause I am #1 diapers are not apart of me they are who I am!!
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