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ive been thinking about doing this for the longest time! Today I finally gathered the courage to wear a diaper to work! It was awesome, although I thought that 2 depends with tabs would do for the day, wrong! I work as an electrician and the floor I was working on luckily had the sanitary pads dispenser unlocked and fully stocked in the women's bathroom so I took 2 to serve as booster pads "also didint work, as I leak a bit on the train home". But yes, it felt so good and secure to be diapered that long, after today is over I will have spent more time diapered than not. The only other time I had done something close to this was to wear a diaper to school in the 7th grade, and I couldn't go through with it for fear of being discovered. I think I only made it to 3rd period and went to the bathroom and took the diaper off "Luvs size 6" and threw it in the corner of the stall. I wonder what kids must have said when one of them finally saw it just laying there. Anyways back to the point wanted to know how any of you wore to work for the first time recently and then continued to do so from then on, did anyone find out, how did it go during the summer, was it manual labor, ect, ect
I was super nervous when I started wearing to work, now its so normal I really dont care even if someone were to find out lol
Unfortunately I work a job where it isn't possible to wear at work without risking discovery. Maybe one day I will be able to.
Yea I thought it would be super risky but I started the day out knowing that my foreman would not be at the job site and I was also the only person from my company working there, what made me nervous is that about half way through the day I had to leave and go to a different job where there a lot of ppl from my company working, so I changed into a freshie and held it in for the rest of the day b/c I was to worried about leaking. It turned out fine though, now I want to wear to work everyday
Used to wear pull-ups to work but since I didn't wet them at that time it really didn't matter much. The chair I have in the office I work at however is like sitting on a cinder brick butt naked.. a diaper would probably make that chair much more comfy since I spent almost 8 hours in it..
More often than not there is a diaper in the bottom of my daily gym bag that I cart along to the office with me. For those moments of unplanned extra hours and especially after all nearest colleagues in my wing of the building have left for home.. Certainly makes for more exciting overtime! I have done this more than a dozen times, and with only minimal incidents.. The worst was barging into the men's restroom, diaper in hand, only to scare the life out of a maintenance guy working under the sinks...! I quickly hid the diaper behind my back, but it was too late. Thought the building was empty! I remember using the restroom, and then needing to go elsewhere to find a place to privately tape it on! Jeez...
I wear often to work, probably more days I wear a diaper than don't. What helps is a little bigger size pair of jeans and a thin onesie. Without onesies, I'd probably not wear diapers to work, they keep the diaper from being exposed when bending or working on things at client locations. Having a fairly absorbent diaper and boosters really help as well if you plan on not using the potty at all.
I'd love to be able to try this, but unfortunately I work in a nursing home which would just make it really awkward, especially if I got caught, which is probably likely since scrubs are so thin and have a tendency to sag sometimes. Not to mention the risk of using it since the people who work there are adept at recognizing the smell of a wet diaper.
I thought that 2 depends with tabs would do for the day, t

I would say your first mistake is wearing depend brand diapers. If you are planning on wearing a diaper for any extended length of time you need to get a quality diaper such as Northshore Supreme, Confidry 24/7, Molicare, Abena. Depending on the time you may still need a booster, which I suggest trying the Abena Abri-Let booster.

I have worn ConfiDry 24/7 with an Abri-Let booster and it has held up 8+ hours. Same with Norhshore Supreme with an Abri-let booster held up for 8 - 10 hours. If you are really active you may need to add some ducktape or something so the factory tapes don't give out.
i used to work for UPS as an unloader years ago and wore there several times and that was back when the old attends were around and i would double or triple them up under my shorts or jeans. no one ever even knew
I have been wearing to work every day for the last eight years. I have never been caught" and doubt many notice. I used to wear by choice but now it is out of need. I have one co-worker who knows (we had to share a room at a conference and I disclosed it when I knocked my open suitcase all over the floor the first night at the hotel (diapers everywhere!!)) and he has never said another thing to me about it. People aren't as observant as you think they are. As long as you don't flaunt your diaper, you won't be caught. Also, be conscious of when your diaper is nearing capacity. Those that try to test the capacity at work will be in for a rude awakening. I've had to take early/late emergency lunches over my diaper passing capacity (luckily, I am 5 miles from home) Also, it is best to invest in a quality brand of diaper (X-plus, drycare 24/7, etc.)
I wore to work for the first time two days ago. I wore a men's Depends pull up because it was thin and didn't crinkle. I was very self conscious when I walked around and it went very well. I would like to slowly increase how often and how thick. Just need time to get more comfortable with it.
don't use at work unless you're wearing some quality padding that's not going to leak
I wore to work once and it was most terrifying experience in my life. The entire time I just regretted it every moment I did. I felt so stupid, risking my job for a cheap thrill. It wasn't worth it the second I walked through the door. My first break I rushed home to change.

Do not recommend for those who are just doing it for the thrill of it. It really wasn't as fun as I thought it would be and instead just made me hate myself for a while and feel like crying. That's just me though, in the end.
I wear to work all the time and no one has ever noticed.
I wear to work everyday and really don't have a problem or issue. Once I worked out which diaper works out best for me and got my changing schedule down its been fine. If you can work out changing then I don't really see an issue. If anyone were to be so vulgar as to ask you can just say you don't want to talk about it or if pressed by a supervisor just bring up ADA. No one would argue that changing ones diaper in the restroom wouldn't be a "reasonable" accommodation. But, I've never heard from anyone that has had it come to that. And no one will ever think you wear a diaper because you like it. Be discrete, change when necessary and you should be fine.
Luckily for me with my old job I was the last one working every night so I could wear freely without anyone noticing so I wore diapers every night most of the workers were electricians or janitors and paid me no mind at all its relaxing and helps work go by fast.
I have used diapers in my job only a few times in winter when you can hide them with a long coat. But I am very nervous that somebody will discover me.
I don't think I could ever wear a diaper to work unless I got a job where I am alone most of the time. If anything the furthest I would probably go would be wearing panties to work.
As I wear out of need, and don't want to change my diaper at work I only wear high capacity diapers. They'll do if you are paying attention to how much fluid you drink.
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