Wanted: Advice, Suggestions, Ideas & A Few Questions Regarding Long Distance Relationships

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been quite a while since I posted here more than a blurb so hello again!

so I finally find myself once again caring for a little one that calls me Mommy, however one problem: She lives a world away.

Until now I've stayed away from online relationships for the limiting reasons I now wish to address regarding being as involved and connective as much as possible as I can be from a long distance away.

Therefore I've come to ask:
- Are there any here that have experiences with long distance little relationships?
- What kinds of things together can people do? (that are free, no subscription based MMO's or some nonsense please :p)
- What helped you feel happier/'littler' that your caretaker did?
- What activities did you do while talking/camming with your caretaker or that they asked you to do? (hopefully this one gets answered, I know some stuff can be pretty personal though)

My sweetie is roughly 5 in her little mindset but likes the idea of diapers, enjoys plushies, coloring, cartoons like any good girl does but I only have experience with being someones Mommy in-person, I really don't know how to (aside from chat with them as often as I can and tell them I love them) with the limitation of being unable to be physically present.

Some ideas I already have are screensharing cartoons together and storytime over cam but aside from that and average conversation I'm at a loss.

Any suggestions, advice, ideas on how to be the best Mommy I can be from far away are happily welcome and I hope to get some
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really? no one? :( of all places I was hoping this one would have been able to offer advice....
I haven't been in a little relationship, and certainly not a long distance one, but as for your question on activities that are non-subscription.

League of legends is a free MMO, just not rpg, and it has some cute characters. Probably not the style you are looking for.
MineCraft is expensive for the game, but it isn't subscription based, all you need to do is find a server to play on together, which Adisc has one, but the lag for your little one might be a bit bad because of distance.
Playing games together over skype is always an option.

That's all I can think of that isn't subscription based. Best of luck.
TheGirlNamedSara said:
really? no one? :( of all places I was hoping this one would have been able to offer advice....

Hang on, hasn't been even a day yet. Several people in the forums only get to check once a day, or once every few days.

I don't know anyone that's got a little relationship that could help. Just be patient.
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Let me start off by saying a long distance relationship is not for everyone. It is hard, alot of work, and you need to have a lot of trust and understanding.

My daddy and I did a long distance relationship for a year and a half, I was in Colorado and he was in Florida. It was really hard sometimes, but we made it work and now we live together :). We texted each other throughout the day, and we would call each other at night. We skyped a few times a week at night and he would read me a story and he would leave it on all night after i fell asleep, so it was like we were close together. When he didnt work and I had school in the morning he would "help"me get dressed and tell me what i should wear. Sometimes he would guide me through the diapering process while we skyped as well. Id color him pictures and show them to him, and he would upload movies and cartoons for me to watch on vimeo. And i really appreciated all of it, and it helped me feel closer to him. Also talking to your little about what you would like to do together and some aspects that they really want to act helps as well.

But there were some days when I felt neglected, and it wasn't his fault really. Since we lived in different time zones as well, it made talking difficult sometimes. Like when he went to work early and I had school all day we barely got any time to talk. It was also hard for him to tell me stories when he was tired because we wasn't able to stay up that late, and I would feel really upset sometimes. It was also hard not seeing him and being able to hug him and have him go to things with me. Doing long distance some days was really hard, and we did break up for a short time because of that reason, but Im glad we worked it up and were able to make it work. I am so happy and lucky now because we live together and I get to see him everyday. Sometimes I would doubt if it was worth and spend some nights crying to him. But I had to understand that he was trying and that sometimes I wouldnt get what I wanted and he wasnt neglecting me.

I do think being long distance gave us a chance to really get to know who the other person was before we even met. You also try alot harder and try to put more effort into the relationship because you aren't there in person. (Im not saying people who are not in long distance relationships don't in the slightest). But everything we did seemed more special sometimes and we did meet up everything was really great. We had the chance to develop our daddy-baby relationship more and tell each other what we really wanted.

I hoped this helped and good luck :)
yes, thank you very much for your post Celestia, it definitely covered alot of points.

We sat down and discussed alot since I made this and have in a sense downgraded the commitment level to a more manageable state because even as you said, there are going to be days that aren't going to work for the both of us and there needs to be understanding between both parties.
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