Visiting your Dom in prision

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Hi every one as most of you know my Paddy was sent to the naughty room.

Because he was very naughty and had to have some time out.

And way he is OK and he is now at a one of HMP/ health centre.
Wish the govement would give me £4,000. A week. To stay fit.
Any way the last time I visited I pick up a booklet that was designed to help children understand and not to be so frightened. I think it was us Little as well.

The booklet is call, "My Visit." Are you sitting comfortably....... good then I shall begin.

The first page asked what your name is and who you are going to see.

Then you can do a pichure of you doth together.

Page 2 tells you that when you get to where they are staying that there will be very high walls and big Gates. A bit like a castle. Exeter MHP and Dartmoor HMP are are similar in that they don't look very easy to get out of. I think that is the general idea though.

So how to get in to one first you have to book your visit so that they know you are coming and they let you know. If they are OK with you visiting. Because sometimes people can be extra naughty, and then they're not allowed to see anybody. They have a room where you have to sit all on your own and have lots and lots of thinking time.

Once they say its OK for you to visit you can go and meet the people that are looking after the person you are visiting. They wear very smart uniforms and have two-way radios but you are not allowed to play with them because they're special ones. And the have lots of keys.
They are very nice and freandly. And they help you get ready for your visit. They give you a wristband so that every one know you are only visiting.

Aferter that you have to put all your belongings in a locker as you are not allowed to take anything in a part from some money so you can buy some sweets your visiting.

Then there is a freandly dog that like to say hello and give you a sniff, after that they show you to a table the person will be waiting to see you and they are not allowed to leave the table but you can go to the shop and biy them some food.

The visit will last about 2 hours and then it will be time to say good by. This is very hard as you have to leave first. And then the people that are looking after the person that you are visiting are tack back to there bedroom,

I find it hard becouse I don't have any one to tack me back to my room, and I have to be big through out it all.

The booklet says that it OK to have a cry and you can always right and send pictures of you visit.

I am going to see Paddy on Wednesday this week which is only two sleeps away.

Another thing I wanted to say is that a laddy is going to come to my house to see if that are happy for paddy to live with me again when he comes out so i really hope they say yes.

Don't won't him in a place that not nice when he come out, wount him home with me.

Thanks for reading


How on earth you can very close and happily with him, are your Paddy makes some crimes so he was imprisoned?
I'm sorry you have to go without your paddy but thank you for the insightful post, it was very fun and interesting to read! i hope you keep us posted on the developments


I post as and when I have something to say or I have a question.

But I will let people know who thing go.
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