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  • Whoops... sorry I really hate this inbox system!!! ^_^;;;

    Anyhoo, take your time... I sure had to! Hope all is well... or as well as can be with funerals in the mix. You have my condolences...

    I am sending you a friend request I may have some questions for you they are serious questions just so you know. I just wanted to send you this visitor's message first to let you know. :) ;)
    hey CPDude, I sent you a message answering your question with as much detail as i could think of, if you have any other questions or need any advice let me know, im sorry i dont have any names outright to share with you though =\
    Hi, do you know of any mommies or daddies that may be interested in a baby boy? My last mommy and I fell through mostly do to distance and the needs of my disability. I am searching for a parent and I am hoping to just start a conversation
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