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Viking-y greetings from the cold north!

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Hello all, and well met.

TL;DR: Hi guys, care giver from the Nordics here. Happy to meet you all!

I was out surfing for some information, specifically on different diaper types and how they look, when I came across this community.
I'm in a bunch of communities online, and while I enjoy some of them a lot, none of them have the warm, friendly feel to them that you guys give off. That sparked my interest a lot, so here I am with an account.

Originally from Norway, I now live in Sweden, but most of my time is spent on the net. I'm a programmer and a software architect (...sounds fancy, but it's basically just writing documentation for software that doesn't exist yet), and most of my work is done from home. In fact, some of the people I work with a lot have never seen me, nor I them, outside pictures and webcams.

My English is strong, but as a non-native speaker I sometimes get idioms wrong, so it's nice if you can have some patience with that.
I am also the uncrowned king of run-on sentences, so please let me know if there are too many commas!

I don't wear diapers myself, though I have tried them to know for myself what it's like. Instead, I am a care giver. My partner wears diapers, though not full time, and it is purely recreational. She was not interested in diapers before meeting me, but now she enjoys them a lot with me.

My partner is a little gender fluid, but is biologically female, and is feminine around me, citing my masculinity as the reason for this. Maybe it's the beard, I don't know, but being "non gender specific" in my sexuality it doesn't really matter to me, so long as she is comfortable.

And there, my new friends, lies the heart of the matter.
I absolutely love to care for her, wash her, change her and take care of her in any way that I can. She is a furry as well, so she identifies as my pet.
Though we both believe in absolute equality in a relationship, we have shifted the balance of power in our daily lives, so she is submissive to me in mutual respect and understanding.

She is unlikely to ever get an account here, seeing as she has had negative experiences with on-line diaper communities, but if you guys are as friendly as you seem I hope to convince her to come see you. At the very least I will be telling her about you and your antics.

So, again, well met!
Welcome to the community Chronoshift! That was a great intro. I see you have already made some posts here - awesome! We interract quite a bit here as you have seen. We look forward to more of your posts!
Thank you, zipperless.

Now that I re-read my post I see that I completely neglected to mention why I am here!

Mostly, I've come to make friends, and to discuss the different types and styles of diapers.
I've had trouble with "diaper trust" lately, where we don't really trust the diaper to do it's job, so I'm looking for information on that sort of thing.
My main limiting factor is that my girl is absolutely terrified of being discovered, so the diapers have to be as discreet as possible. This, I'm sure, is a problem many here have had. Hopefully I'll find a solution in one of your threads, but if my searching fails me, I will make a thread to ask.
We have a diaper review section HERE. Most of us are self conscious about wearing in public but the truth is, you are your own worst critic. Meaning, you will hear the "crinkle" nor than others and if you're worried about the bulk, wear loose fitting clothes.

This is a recurring thread. Here is a current one: Wearing in public
Thanks, I'll give it a good read.

I'll make a separate thread about it soon-ish, I think, as this is not really the right forum section for it.
No fear! If something is in the wrong location, the moderators (purple names) will move it. Have fun!
Thank you, I feel very welcome already!
Chronoshift said:
Thank you, I feel very welcome already!

I want to welcome you to the site as well. I think your English writing is excellent. We are a friendly group and I think you will enjoy the site. We are heavily moderated by the mods, so your girl friend would be treated well on ADISC. She can make her own judgement as to the site and if it's something she wants to become involved with. We certainly want her to be comfortable both with wearing diapers and in protecting her privacy.
Vær velkommen, min nordiske broder! :D May your time amongst us be pleasant and bring you great experience. ^^
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