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Thread: Go out in a diaper?

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    Default Go out in a diaper?

    Do you leave home with a diaper under your jeans?
    I do if I'm going to a place where I don't know anyone or if it is something quick. But I don't go to school with a diaper.

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    Jeans? Lordy, the slimmer fitting ones would be awkward to say the least. If I have to go out diapered, I do it with sweats or something a little baggy.

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    Default Go out in a diaper?

    I rarely wear them outside much, as the bambinos I usually wear aren't the easiest to hide, and I've had some bad luck with wearing out and about.

    Just the other day I had a freshly put on teddy bambino leak after having wet a very small amount while out at a farm where we were tapping trees at a family farm for maple sap. The diaper gods seem to be out to get me or something.

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    I almost always wear Jeans when I am out and since I wear for medical reasons I would have to say that I am having a hard time remembering when I do not wear jeans over my diaper. Most people do not even react to me because I don't think they can notice anyways. You see I lost a lot of weight semi-recently so people have a hard time noticing the difference in the shape of my backside because it has changed quite a bit irrespective of the diaper anyways. To put it quite simply people who are familiar with me probably can't tell the difference themselves simply because I lost 124 pounds in 5 months last year(can't remember exact dates but I can look through my old posts to find out) and my physical appearance has changed so much that it reasonably explains why my physical stature looks different anyways.

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    One suggestion that rarely surfaces these days is to tuck out your shirt. Wear a shirt that is long enough to cover your butt, and you can wear whatever type of pants you want (as mentioned, loose fitting pants is highly recommended).

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    i go most places diapered, i just wear dickies shorts and a shirt thats a little long..its also hot where i live so the more discreet and less padding i can get away with the better..i like large goodnites and small molicare super plus for everyday..

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    I wear 24/7 so most of my pants are loose fitting and I wear long shirts, my onesie helps cover it up as well.

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    I wear in public fact I'm out now, sitting at a car dealer, waiting while my car gets serviced. The pants/shorts I wear makes no difference, I just dress normally. Could be jeans, khakis, sweats, basketball shorts and even occasionally thin, printed, pajama bottoms. There is no secret there lol. Right now I have on black Dickies style cargo pants.

    Being diapered in public isn't such a scary prospect once you're confident in yourself and your diaper.

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    I've worn diapers in almost any kind of situation, be that out and about in public places, with friends or alone, or at work, even when out for some intensive video shootings. The more you get used to that, the more you realize it's not a big deal at all unless you make it so. It's actually convenient when out in situations where you don't have the time or opportunity to find a toilet! (If I'm not wearing a diaper, I may end up having to look for a toilet even every hour or so, or regretting not having worn, unless I badly dehydrate myself...) Sure, you may have to time changes, bring spares with you, and it may feel a lil sweatier than regular underwear if what you're doing requires lots of movement, but that's about it. There's really no reason to be paranoid about going out while wearing diapers, that's what they're made for after all, being worn and used by people!

    As for clothing, I've spaced from suit and tie to jeans or shorts: as long as you don't go out with a doubleboosted Abena M4 under a pair of skin-tight leggings, no one is going to be the wiser. It helps that I like comfy fitting clothes to start with: since I started shopping for clothing while diapered I never came home from the shop to find that the jeans I had bought were a tiny bit too tight for me, which used to happen from time to time some years ago!

    The only reason that kept me from wearing at school when I was in HS was that a few friends of mine used to pants me or slap my butt in good humor from time to time, which would have turned out in a quite funny (and embarrassing) moment had I been a crinklybutt

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    I am happy to be a loud crinkle but daily since being padded 24/7. I even double up a lot now or most of time since got rash use inserts.

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