Using Mousepad with Scratches on it

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I have an old Tamagotchi mousepad from a few years ago and I have wanted to use it on my computer setup for ages.
The problem I'm having is because it has a hard plastic surface and has a few tiny scratches on it, the tracking and movement of the mouse it completely thrown out (mouse pointer jitters and moves awkwardly).
With other computer mice, this doesn't matter as it doesn't affect anything. But now that I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 with these white silicone pads on the bottom, it just won't work properly.
Just wondering it I could put anything on the bottom of the mouse or on the mousepad itself to stop this issue. It's a really cute and childish mousepad and I would love to use it again. Thanks! :)
I'd go out and get an iPad screen cover for it....I think that'd work
You could go out and buy a second hand ball mouse, those won't have any issues what so ever, or do what Chanch0 said.
Thanks, I just used a random screen protector that one of my old school friends gave me and it worked out great! :smile1:

it's really shiny :eek: and kind of slippery but whatever :)

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I went with Chanch0's method but thanks anyway :smile1:. I might try getting a ball mouse in the future if I can find one with similar features and shape to my current one.
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