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Hey all,
Im wanting to explore my feminine side...
I'm wondering if any one knows of any online places that sell undies in adult sizes with childish and girly prints on them?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!:D
Thanks, AKOL
Have you tried Ebay - try a search:
adult baby sissy panties
Find something of interest look for similar items
Some sellers do custom work
Finding childish prints maybe difficult in the adult sizes but flowery prints and patterns are there for the looking.
If you go to a notions store or fabrics and sewing shop you might find the appliques that iron on.
First off I would suggest a visit to a Wal*Mart or to check stock and the sizing info you will need to know.
Get something that fits right from a cheap source before buying more expensive stuff and be disappointed.
While you are experimenting with your feminine side see if other items of clothing skirts dresses blouses are of interest.
Make you shopping trips worth while to expand your horizons for your next purchase interest.
As suggested, eBay is the best source sissy undies and the like. There is a fair amount of "sissy" categories to work with but always carefully read the description of the item at the bottom of the page. Sizing can be diverse especially when the product is from Asia.

Babylock1 is quite correct to visit Walmart to check for product and sizing seeing as how pricing is very good, especially if you make a "sizing" booboo. And believe it or not, thrift stores are awesome places to start your "feminine" shopping from, including lingerie and other pretty underthings:thumbsup:
try amazon or e-bay
If your sissy side has accidents, you might consider these. I have a few of them, and they're fantastic. Sizing is a little finicky, though.
Yes it is important to have waterproof protection ! If you get the BIG GIRL panties get them at least one size bigger to allow for doubled diapers and plastic panties.
Worn over the diapers they will bulk out marvelously ! The BG panties do not fig snug enough to support a fully wet diaper so the plastic diaper cover is going to have
to do the work or if using cloth diapers snug up the fit with the diaper pins. They will work fine with a single pull-up diaper and the size to fit but serious accidents should
be avoided but then the BIG GIRL panties can be laundered with no problems such as shrinkage but they look oh so good filling out the bulk. If you go shopping on Ebay
search under Square Dance Panties for similar same items.
The BG panties mentioned in the LINK: Purple Dreams is a frequent advertiser at SissyKiss - when the ad pops up click on it for a quick look. The seller is in B.C.
Canada and I have bought quite a bit of these with no quality trouble at all and fast S&H. No cotton fabric - all nylon. The maker is in the USA Dayton TN but sells wholesale only ?
When ordering watch the sizing - if you go exactly on the fit the elastic leg bands might cause discomfort at the upper thighs (red marks tight fit). Don't worry so much
about the waist - order by hip measurement and think hour glass figure as the waist has to be a tad smaller than the hips otherwise the panty will fall down - but the waist has
to pass over the wider hips to rest in place. Strongly suggest going with a full brief if you are a diaper wearer - the high cut or bikini models just won't pack it in right for a SISSY ! The pettipants order these one size larger to accommodate
the diaper. Oh you will look so SISSY perfect on "The Good Ship Lollypop' !
Fade to Black - but please consider NEON PINK it is so you !
Ebay search abult baby sissy.
You can search adult sissy or sissy.
Great luck .
foxkits said:
Ebay search abult baby sissy.
You can search adult sissy or sissy.
Great luck .
I have had good luck using those very same keywords. And each word adds more up near the top of the page as well. Enjoy the shopping!
Maybe I can help shed some light on this. :D Firstly, women's sizes/sizing can be annoying (even for us) at times to say the least. If you aren't familiar with it, I guess it could be downright confusing too. Here is something you should know when shopping for panties, the "sizes" for them are NOT the same as the sizing for our clothes. it is also important to know that panty sizes are measured at the HIP, not the waist! and come in numbered sizes (Usually 4-10) and S/M/L/XL. Here is quick chart. Sizes with hip sizes in inches: 26-37 Size 5 38-39 Size 6 39-40 Size 7 40-41 Size 8 42-45 Size 9 46-49 Size 10 Usually companies will put their own size chart on the back of their multi-pack packaging too.
MandyBear -
Excellent reference chart/work.
Three additional notes - to Panties 101
Remember your waist is going to be always smaller than the hips - so don't mistake the hip measurement for that of the waist.
Think hour glass figure - well maybe yours is not exactly in the same picture mode but the panty when being pulled up and on
has to slide over the wide hips to settle at the narrow waist. Make sure the panty's waist has enough elastic to do this yet will
snuggly fit at the waist and not fall down/off.
The material of the panty will also be a determining factor in the fit. If made of stretchable lycra you can size down for a very
snug fit. If cotton or Nylon-other perhaps the only stretch factor will be in the waist and in this case go definitely with what
the manufacturer has labeled on the package.
Lastly for your very first panty do not go out and buy the most expensive ornate embellished wild beyond your dreams one
size fits all and be extremely disappointed. Go to Wal*Mart and buy the cheapest single panty (one at a time till you get it
right) then when that is mastered go back and buy the package of 3 or more. When confident of your accomplishment then
venture out for one of the exotic frilly ruffled neon PINK (or other suitable color) with lacy extravagant details ! You may even
consider taking this first panty or a good fitting brief of your own and taking a tape measure and get all the vital measurements
down and buying your next panty with that data. Also remember to allow plenty of ease (tailors term for the male plumbing).
Maybe the thong strap in the crease of the rear is not so bad and maybe the highcut brief or bikini is not so bad in the rear
but it is what is upfront that matters. The tighter and more stretchable crotch piece maybe the answer to holding the boys in
check. One measurement that should not be overlooked is the RISE the measurement from the top front waist band to the
bottom or center of the crotch. If you are dealing with 3-5 inches - well that is close enough for a string bikini NOT GOOD !
From 5-7 or 8 you still will not have enough material for your well developed tool. Starting around 9 or more (better) now
you will have enough material to start the formation of a gaff. I would look or prefer a RISE in the 11-12 inch range with
about a 4 inch wide crotch piece in the bottom. Coverage at the rear is your own comfort level. Since you no doubt are not
used to panty hem lines rasping across the mid portion of the gluteus maximus which incidentally plays a major emphasis on
vVPL (very Visible Panty Line) cautioned you have been warned !

What you have here is an experiment in buying well fitting panties that make a statement that you feel comfortable with !
babylock1 said:
MandyBear - Excellent reference chart/work.
Three additional notes - to Panties 101

Thanks :) and "Panties 101" that made me laugh.

The OP never replied back. hmm?? Anyways, seems some of you want to wear them and others want to wear them over diapers.
The wearing part is easy, lol, the over your diapers really limits your options.
They're aren't very fancy or frilly, but for those looking for ones big enough to do that I have two words for you: Granny Panties, lol
You know, or OK maybe you don't, the ones that go up to a girls natural waist, a few inches above the belly button.
Your best bet would probably be to put whatever diaper you want to wear them over THEN measure your butt and use that measurement. :)

Also just an FYI, you don't have to look far for cute childish prints, you just have to go to the kids section. Typically girls size 12/14 or 14/16 undies are the same size as women's size 5 panties. Up to about 36-37 inch hips, but they are both also a bit stretchy too.
Granted panties in smaller sizes like that may not work with bigger guys.

Downside is almost all Girls, and pretty much most Women's panties are cotton these days or microfiber.
If you want frilly stuff, satin or silk good luck, lol unless you plan on spending a lot.
Oh and most times it is WAY cheaper to just by a multi-pak then just single panties. :)

And if you can fit in them, girls panties are also WAY cheaper, and cuter, lol, go figure!
Hanes Girl's 9 pack (or 9+1bonus) cotton briefs $13.50 So 18/20 for $27
Hanes Women's 6 pack cotton briefs $13.00 So 18 for $39! or $4.00 EACH
As side by side - they are the SAME size in almost every way, except the Girls ones have a bit more "frilly" colorful waistband and the Women's is just plain matching the color of the panty.

Its a total scam I tell ya! its absurd the amounts of money we have to spend for underwear!
And don't get me started on tights and pantyhose! One pair of decent winter tights = $18-20!

I guess you could call this the Advanced class babylock1 :laugh:
As has been mentioned in a couple of previous posts, sizing can be a bit daunting/confusing. My personal experience to get the sizing right was to experiment by purchasing the cheapest of whatever I wished to try out from Walmart. Thrift stores were great sources to try and figure things out. Yes, mistakes will happen but if the item(s) were cheaply purchased then throwing out will be much less painful.
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