Underwear that feels like diapers.

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Has anyone found something that has felt pretty similar to the feeling of diapers. I've always wondered if I could find something similar but as it is I've found really nothing that has ever matched the feeling of plastic backed disposables. Any thoughts on anything that comes even to a similar feeling.
I would like to try training pants .
There are some on ebay under adult baby training pants.
But there all cloth.
technically diapers ARE underwear, though if you mean cloth underwear its not gonna crinkle or have the bulk. though I suppose buying some briefs and putting absorbent pads inside could work. At work I've seen pads that stick to the underwear to keep it in place.
I doubt that you're going to find anything that totally matches the feeling of a plastic-backed disposable, although there are types of reusable incontinence underwear out there.
There is a reusable brief out there that looks like regular underwear but is thicker and waterproof that you put pads in called sir dignity you could see if they trip your trigger.
Though this doesn't sound like what you're looking for, I wear the Baby Pants cloth training pants, Almost a Big Kid, 24/7. They're comfortable and yes, they're diapers.
I also wear the Baby Pants training briefs. There is slight thick style and a much thicker style; great for nightime and just like a pull on cloth diaper. They can hold alot but drying them after the washer takes over 45 minutes to an hour. I wear with my PUL's and they are great! During air trips I wear Tiger Star training underbriefs that look just like retro underwear but have a 4x thick pad brief in the crotch area. Multiple colors / patterns to choose but expensive. I can use the restroom and drop my plastic underpants a bit and then if the training brief is exposed a bit it looks just like regular underwear to anyone else. They Tiger briefs are good for air travel (not too bulky but you can only wet a bit at a time - no gushers!). So typically I let go a bit on the flight to take the edge off and then hit the airport men's restroom when we land to finish.
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