Trying my hand in coloring line art


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So I was Browsing FA when I noticed that a artist by the name operationfluff ( has some free line art on her page. I’m never good at drawing furries but I’m decent with coloring. So I thought I could take a shot at coloring some of these line art pieces in.
Funny thing is, I accidentally created my dream girlfriend :p
I may post these up somewhere once I’m done and might create a story for her.

If your interested in looking or even trying out some of their line art, go ahead and visit their page and use it. It’s free, and all they ask in return is you just credit them for the line art.


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It's the artist of the lineart themselves who have it locked down. A lot of people do that and it annoys me.


But then I just go "Well, I suppose I didn't need to worry about it." and move on because I left FA when they sold out to IMVU and removed all my art. And after they started serving adult oriented ads, I said screw it and just left entirely. (Things like "SINGLE HORNY GRANNIES IN YOUR AREA!" and "FUCK MY WIFE!" Then they stayed being served for days before they managed to change the settings. So I dropped FA in 2015 and am not logging in/signing up for a new account just to see lineart.)